2007 in Retrospect

I’m not going to say that I succeeded at my 2007 Resolutions. I can’t. Not because I didn’t stick to them, but because I didn’t make any last year. I was wrapped in my precious new baby. Our new home. The holidays. Healing. And some learning.

More than some. Lots.

I learned how to make socks. 12 pairs worth.

I learned how to survive breastfeeding. (I don’t know how much it was worth, but I know it was a lot a hell of a lot more than 12 pairs of socks!)

I learned how to knit lace.

I learned how to incorporate beads in my knitting.

I learned how to sew and am learning more everyday.

I learned how to make jewelry.

I learned how to start my own little shop.

I’ve made new friends and have been exposed to a lot of great blogs out there. There is so much inspiration and creativity out there.

I’ve decided to make a few New Years Resolutions, ones that I will need to work at. A few may come easily, others may not.

  • The proverbial, “I want to lose weight” resolution. It’s more a need than a want. My goal is to lose 40 lbs. I want to cut down my cholesterol and salt intake. I am hoping to go jogging 3-4 times a week and to exercise at the gym on the “off” days.
  • To take more pictures. There have been too many times where I wished I had my camera with me. Too many missed opportunities.
  • My knitting goal for 2008 is to finished the blue cabled tunic from Vogue.
  • I’ve decided to stop participating in secret swaps. It’s mainly due in part to the fact that I don’t talk to anyone that I spoiled or anyone who spoiled me from Secret Pal. I’ve yet to receive a thank you for the gifts I’ve sent out. The “stuff” is not why I joined. So with the exception of, (hopefully), Sockapalooza 5 and some pen pals, I will not be joining any swaps.
  • I’ve decided to stop being selfish. For so long I only knit for everyone else. Then I decided it’s time for me. Well now it’s time for both. I will choose at least one charity to knit for and knit one item a month for that charity.
  • Finish those last two classes at school. I’m signed up and ready to go. Now for a babysitter. I just want to finish.
  • Read more. I’ve racked up a tad bit too much on my library fines. Time to read the books I check out in those 3 week increments.
  • Join some community activities. There are times when the agorophobia sets in too long. So I’ve decided to start taking Scout to the Thursday morning toddler readings at the local libary. I’m still looking for a sewing/quilting bee, aside from my LYS meets.

Here’s wishing all of my friends out there a Happy, (and safe), New Year! Goodbye 2007 and Hello 2008!


4 thoughts on “2007 in Retrospect

  1. Good luck with your goals for 2008!! Hope it works out for you! Good luck with school too!

    I hope to tackle breastfeeding with baby number 2. I only lasted 6 weeks with Sean (and the last 3 were mainly pumping) I hope it works out better for baby number 2 (Due in June!)

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