Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

No, I’m not getting married. Yet.

Actually, I have been a bit crafty lately. Not as much as I want. And not really working on what I need to be. (Like the Cobblestone that is supposed to be done by December 24th. Of this year.)

I have been entranced by these crystals:

8 mm Bicones, 6 mm Bicones, Montana, Light Azure, Blue Zircon, Crystal…

6mm Rounded, Montana, Crystal AB, Light Azure Crystal Drops…

Sterling Silver Daisy Spacers, Sterling Silver Bead Caps, Sterling Silver three strand clasp…

I’ve updated my shop, though it’s a very small update. My sewing machine is still being worked on, so I can not add all the knitting needle cases I wanted. Not yet.

Knitting Wordplay:

And Monkey Face, (my personal fave):

I am thinking about selling the necklace. It’s beautiful. And I know I would wear it someday. But I don’t think I’d wear it often enough. I don’t know though. How can I part with something so mesmerizing? It’s very eye catching and time consuming. I’ve been looking at it every which way. If you are interested in purchasing it, please let me know. If I do put it on Etsy it won’t be until next week.

4 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  1. Beautiful necklace. I can see why you are spellbound.

    I love the stitch markers! They will make wonderful swap gifts.

    Make lots of the monkey. I bet the Monkey swappers will gobble them up!

  2. Your title had me wondering…

    The necklace is gorgeous AJ. I think you should keep it [I know how expensive and time consuming it is to make something like that!]

    PS: We should do a bead swap in the NY [after the wedding!]


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