Raven Series

The new Raven Series from Socks That Rock is up. Definitely not what I was expecting!

I saw the new Holiday Interweave Knits and I have so say that I’m pretty disappointed. Same goes for Vogue and their Holiday issue. I checked them out at Border’s last night and couldn’t find one thing I liked in either.

There seems to be a lack of good knitting/pattern books and magazines out there lately. Maybe it’s just my taste. But I don’t think I would look good in Russian, color knit, giagantic rose stoles. Blech!

Instead, I bought a sewing book. French couture and all that. I love it already!


4 thoughts on “Raven Series

  1. yeah, all those raven colorways look too much alike. i mean, c’mon, i can’t believe what they did with Haida and Tlingit. those aren’t even the colors associated with their artwork. sigh!

    felt the same about the two magazines. snooze. boring. and you saw the winter 2007 IK, too? yawn.

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