And I Leave You With This…

I jumped the bandwagon and started Jared’s Cobblestone Pullover from the last issue of IK. Last Tuesday, when Shawn and I went to pick up Bandit, they weren’t ready to release him, (in fact, he hadn’t even been neutered when we got there), so we stopped by the Michael’s in Lomita. I’m not a big fan of acrylic, I’ve used it for blankets and for one sweater. I would say I’m a bit of a yarn snob. BUT, I could not pass up trying Bernat’s Satin yarn. It’s very soft, even for acryclic. And let’s face it, I need something washable with Shawn. I made him a sweater out of Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino and I can not rely on him to handwash that. Acryclic it is. I’m happy to say that it knits up quite nicely. No snags or pilling. And I love the Navy Blue. This yarn would make a great baby blanket.

Last Thursday, (or was it Friday?), I received a very lovely package from my Monkey Swap Pal! She sent me two skeins of yarn, (there are close ups below); a Monkey pencil pouch with matching pencil, eraser, ruler and sharpener; “Twisted Flower” sock pattern from Cookie A.; a Monkey that sticks on glass, (Jem took that); a little Monkey finger puppet; and a Monkey sweater for Scout.

And she made me the best socks! I absolutely love the colors! And they fit perfectly! In fact, I’m wearing them now.

Here’s the Opal she sent:

And some handspun:

I really haven’t been knitting much. It’s a bit tough with a new puppy. He loves to drink water, it’s like he’s never had it before. But as easily as he consumes it, he releases it. So we are outside a lot!

Dalton hasn’t warmed up to him too much. He really doesn’t know what to make of Bandit. But then again, Dalton is getting old and doesn’t want to play as much as he used to. Especially not with a puppy. Lately he’s spent a lot of time in bed with me.

I’ve been sick. Not sure what’s wrong. Just some tummy problems and a sinus infection. Not bad, but not good either. I haven’t had motivation to do much of anything. Yesterday I slept a good 18 hours out of the day. It was great. It would have been wonderful had I not been sick. It’s been a long time since I had a chance to just lay around in bed all day.

Ready for the great news? Scout took her very first step on Halloween! We were sitting outside, on the grass, when I held her hands while she stood up. I let go and she was still standing. Then she took a step towards me! I am sooo proud of her. No steps since then. This morning was all about toys!


3 thoughts on “And I Leave You With This…

  1. I’m so glad you like them! Having found the letter I didn’t send, I didn’t send it and now I’ve lost iot again (although I’m sure that’s only temporary! I am such a doofus! But come on over and say hi!

    Nic, your Monkey Swap Pal!

  2. there’s a bandwagon already? i’ve got this in mind to make for my DH, and also picked out a blue color, but haven’t gotten my yarn yet. i’m not certain about acrylic, either.

    your monkeys are gorgeous. love that blue! and hooray about your sweet Scout! first steps totally make up for no halloween costume! i’m sure you were thrilled. and now that she’s on the move, you’ll have less attention for knitting, no?

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