Smokey and the Bandit

So, remember how I told you that I really want a puppy. That I really wanted a friend. Remember? Well here he is:

I drove to San Pedro, (big like Will Smith said about Lompoc, “You don’t drove to San Pedro, You drive through San Pedro), last Friday. There was a litter of 7 German Shepherd puppies, but only 3 were available. Two girls, one boy. The girls were white/black/brown. The boy was brown. I preferred a boy. And I think he prefers me. We picked him up today, (with a few obstacles in the way), at the vet after being neutered.

He’s been very playful too. He loved being outside and playing with twigs. When we walk with him, he looks a bit bow-legged and he loves to stand between your legs.

He’s had such a big day of exploring, he’s pretty tuckered out.

Bandit, October 30, 2007

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