Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Lastnight we had a chance to carve our pumpkins. (My mom has a little garden set up at a friends house and grew pumpkins this year, so lucky us – we have huge, and free, pumpkins to use.) Jem carved a spider in his pumpkin. (He ended up staying up til 10 p.m. to finish it.) This was mine:

They call him the Candy Corn Goblin! He’s cute. I love those pattern books that come with the tools. They are fun. We still have three pumpkins to carve, so I think tonight I will do one with Scout.

Everyone got into the pumpkin spirit:

For some crazy reason, Dalton ♥ pumpkins. He likes cornflakes and yogurt, but he ♥ pumpkins. Weird-O!

I didn’t get Scout’s costume done in time, (which kind of makes me sad), so I won’t have any festive Halloween costume pictures. Ah, but I’ll get over it. Jem isn’t trick or treating this year either, so none of him. So we are staying home with Bandit, and hopefully giving out candy.

I hope everyone has a fun, and safe, Halloween!


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