Mission Complete

I finally finished my sock pals socks for the Sock It To Me Sock Swap, (you know, the one I am hosting). Shaemful to be so late. But life, and nature, have been throwing some curve balls lately you know? Anyway, the fact is they are done and ready to ship. Now I just have to find a box!

Heel Flap:
And the finished project:

The pattern is from Charlene Schurch’s book, “Sensational Knitted Socks”. It’s like my sock Bible! This is the Garter Rib Stitch, which I have done before. (Remember the River Socks?) But the ToFutsies was much thinner and, unfortunately, isn’t plied very well. Not like Koigu. I made these on US 2’s. Yay! An FO!

In other news: We did not get evacuated. The fires have pretty been contained, though they are now doing burns around the area so as to get rid of any fuel for another fire. The winds have died down too. It was 86 here today! I don’t get how one week it’s cold and rainy. The next is week filled with firestorms and crazy heat. Indian summer in October maybe?

I’m hoping to have a puppy post for you guys too. 🙂 Can’t give anymore details than that. Off to work on my Chevron Scarf for a bit!


6 thoughts on “Mission Complete

  1. AJ,

    Your socks look great! How do I look at the photo’s of your other projects?

    Glad y’all are ok and I hope the fires continue to die down.


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