Sunday, Sunday

Santa Clarita isn’t having much of a week I tell you. Last week it was the rain slickened roads that caused a massive big rig explosion in the Newhall Pass. This week it’s the Santa Ana winds, (which there have been reports of 100 mph winds at the beach), and the fires that can’t be contained. Every year it’s the same thing, we get fires, (and of course, this has been the driest year in a long time), and then the winds pick up and the fires go crazy. Right now there are two in are area, but this is the closest one, (from my bedroom window which faces West):

And this is outside my bedroom, facing South:

We talked about what we’d do if we had to evacuate, because, really, we don’t have a plan. These aren’t the types of things you expect to happen in life. Shawn said I’d have to leave the yarn. I said we’d have to leave a kid. (Just kidding.) So I started thinking of all the things I couldn’t replace, that I would have to bring with me, (besides humans): the cat, my box of pictures, my 5-6 scrapbooks, my digital camera, my yarn, the diapers, the sewing machine, my Kitchen Aid mixer…it’s a good thing we have a big trunk, but I still would have to pack clothes and some food. Oh boy. I’m hoping those hero firefighters can stop the fires before they really destroy peoples homes.

Other than nature’s many wonders, life here has been somewhat quiet. (I say somewhat because my mother came up here this weekend and one thing she is not, is quiet.) I got Hint #3 for the Secret of the Stole, but I haven’t even finished the second clue. I’m only about halfway done. I haven’t been lucky enough to get much knitting done lately. Shawn worked overtime two days this week and wasn’t feeling too great another. Scout has been staying up pretty late as well. (Our mistake was to allow her to sleep in our bed and now we are paying for it!)

I decided to put the second Monkey sock on hold because I still don’t know what happened to it. I did frog it and I will pick it up soon. Instead, I decided to start the Chevron Scarf KAL:

It’s Blue Moon Fiber Arts, (Socks that Rock), in Space Dust, (lightweight), and In the Navy, (mediumweight). Last night I wasn’t so sure if I liked it, but today I saw it in the natural light and I ♥ the scarf. It’s going to be a slow knit since I have to finish all 360/380 yarrds of yarn, but it’s simple enough that I can handle working on it for a while.

That’s about it.

****Update: Possibility of evacuation where I live. *sigh* There are a few fires breaking out and the flames are very visible from our apartments. So, if you don’t hear from me, that will be why. Keep your fingers crossed.****


4 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday

  1. Fingers and toes crossed for you!! Saw a headline about the fires earlier today and wondered how you were doing so I dropped by the blog… hope things stay calm(ish) for you.

  2. I know how you feel, AJ! We live with forest fires every summer and one summer I had thinks packed ready to evacuate. The one good thing – it really makes you contemplate what is REALLY important in life.

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