For the Love of Beads

Until I started working on the Secret of the Stole, I never used beads in my knitting. Albeit, the use of beads in this project is pretty minimal, I am glad that I tried the technique. (I had to buy three crochet hooks before finding the right size for these little seed beads.)

And I’m very glad that I am using the Arucania Ranco. Months ago I would have told you that I hated variegated yarns. I loved solids. But now? I love both. The stole is coming along. I’m on Row 117 of 164, ( think), for Clue #2. I love the knitting. I love the pattern. I love the beads. I’m quite content with this being my “big” project right now.

I’ve also been doing a bit of beading, though not much. I have to take turns with my knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking, painting, beading, and reading. I admit, they don’t all get as much time as each other. My knitting has been priority one lately, because I am trying to make deadlines on swap projects. I’m late on one swap, (the one I hosted, how lame is that?), and Oct 31 is the deadline for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. My Monkey Socks have been done for some time. I just need to make time to do a little shopping.

Anyway, beading. I made myself a necklace.

I tend to make things for myself, then give them away to people. I know they appreciate the work. But this time I’m keeping it for me, myself and I. This particular necklace is made with base metal headpins, (2″ I think), 5mm Jump Rings, Cream beads, and Green/Cream Glass beads.
I love it. I’ve even made stitch markers to match, they will be on Etsy later on today. Along with another set. I haven’t made much for Etsy, because I want to add the knitting needle cases. (But, with Scout’s costume in the works, it might be a while. We’ll see.)

I also bought the buttons for the Tilted Duster to replace the previous ones. These are made from carved horn. Pretty aren’t they?


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Beads

  1. I love the necklace – it is really lovely. How do you get the loops and the wraps of the ends of the head pins so smooth and even? Do you use a special tool?

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