Another One Bites The Duster

Yeah, yeah, I’m not so great doing play on words.

The fact of the matter in the past 5 days I finished the skirt of the Duster, knit and sewn on the two sleeves and, as of last night, the collar.

Here is the collar that I slaved over, (not really), last night til 1 a.m. As I said on the KAL, I’m not going to keep the buttons I chose on this. They are too small and don’t keep the collar buttoned. I’ll go button shopping on Friday.

And a horrid picture of me, (because Shawn has no timing when it comes to taking a picture and me smiling):

The skirt is still curling a bit, even after trying to block it out a little. I hope with a little wash and wear it will flatten a bit. Damn those models and the pins they use in the magazines! I love this pattern though. And the yarn, (Berroco Peruvia), is so soft and warm. Here in So Cal we are getting a bit of cooler weather, (finally). Where I live it’s notorious for wind. Day and night! (Which reminds me I need to pin down the BBQ cover.) So this will be a staple for Fall/Winter.

In other news: We are still looking for puppies. *sigh* It’s not an easy task. I am adamantly against buying from pet stores. (We visited the one by our house and they were trying to sell an English Bulldog for $3,300!!!) And while I’d love to go through a breeder, this isn’t really the season for puppies, (number one), and I don’t want to pay $1,000 for a dog, (do breeders not know there is a lack of good homes out there?) I’ve gone through rescues and many don’t want to sell to people who live in apartments, (nevermind that I used to be a Vet Tech and that I can provide a good home). So the next best thing? The shelter. And I just haven’t found “the one”. I would love to get another Australian Shepherd. My mom and I had one for 13 years and he was the best! But Shawn says they are ugly, (who does he think he is?). The next choice is a Golden Retriever. Third choice, German Shepherd. So we’ll see what happens with this search.

I’m getting ready to add some knitting needle cases to Etsy soon. I admit I haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like. I made the mistake of buying the pattern and fabric for Scout’s Halloween costume and now my mom is too frustrated to help and won’t stop telling me this was a “bad idea”. *sigh* So I’m going to do it on my own. I hope. This year. Maybe. Next year.

As for everything else, well I’m working on my Secret of the Stole. I had to buy three crochet hooks before finding the right size one for the seed beads. But it’s looking great. I, like others, am knitting each point separately so as not to be confused. Pictures to follow tomorrow. Maybe. Wednesday?

I wish I could be like some of the other Bloggers out there. You know, the ones who post pictures every day and they are always perfect. No clutter. No disruptive backgrounds. You know who I mean. Those Bloggers who live out of a freakin’ Martha Stewart type house, who never have a hair out of place. Even the food they cook looks perfect. Pisses me off.


21 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Duster

  1. Your Tilted Duster is awesome. Very professional looking, and you’re right, perfect for So. Cal. weather. Good luck in your search for a doggie. One will come along that will just tug at your heart strings and then you’ll know it’s the right one. I’m glad you’re looking at the shelters. Poor things!

  2. Oh i really like your duster! My grandmother’s making that for my cousin for christmas and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like on her!

    Also, i’m wicked curious about the puppy search. Good luck!

  3. Oh sweetheart, don’t worry about “those bloggers”. I’m certain their lives are just as dishevelled as yours and mine – and DAMN them for painting such an unrealistic picture of domesticity [or life in general]! And yes, they piss me off too – big time. Especially during this last week. 🙂

    Your duster is stunning. You’ve inspired me to cast on – amidst all the mayhem [and I don’t even have kids yet]! How’s Jem?

  4. Hi AJ!
    I realy like your TIlted Duster, but I think you’re right, it needs bigger buttons.
    Console yourself with the fact that very few of us can claim the “perfect” life – pictures are easy to make look perfect – you just shift the crap out of shot!
    I currently have to pick my way across the living room floor since it’s covered in piles of school books…

    Your Monkey Pal

  5. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

  6. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

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