Crash Into Me

Let me tell you a little story.

A story about a girl who really wanted to learn how to speak French.

After my 4:30 appointment for my post op check up, (which by the way went fine, except that they said that there are lesions on my left ovary and they want to do a pelvic ultrasound, blah blah blah), I had a quick dinner with my mom at her work and then off to school I went.

After driving around for 30 minutes I decided to go back down this one particular lane one more time. As I am making a right hand turn, the car in front of me at the stop sign backs up and CRASHES into my car. Now there’s a big dent behind the back drivers side door, but in front of the gas tank. And the paint is peeling. (Lucky I was in a 20 some odd year Lincoln Town Car huh?)

Anyway, the girl was very apologetic and didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what makes it worse, the fact that she crashed into me OR the fact that she had just got a ticket from the campus police and then crashed into me. What do you think?

I’m alive and I guess I should count my blessings. But, the impact of the accident has given me quite a head and neck ache. I’ll be seeing the Dr. tomorrow I’m sure.

What makes the whole situation terrible is that I got to my class 40 minutes late and was locked out. The teacher wouldn’t open the class for me to come in. And that really upset me because I just drove 30 miles to get to the school, sat in parking lot traffic for over 40 minutes, get into an accident and all I really wanted to do was learn French.

I don’t think I want to take a class with a professor like that though. And I sure don’t want to put in the effort of a semester of work knowing how rude she is. I’d definitely hold it against her.

Some good news? My Berroco Peruvia came in the mail and now I can start the Tilted Duster from Interweave Knits. I’ll see if I can wind the 9 hanks tomorrow. Oh, and my Monkeys on US 1’s fit me, but then again I haven’t finished the heel. Cross your fingers!


7 thoughts on “Crash Into Me

  1. What a day! Poor you. At least there was a silver lining to that dark cloud when you got home and had gotten your yarn. Can’t wait to see your Monkeys. I’ve got to start those…

  2. oh NO! that sounds quelle domage! there, a bit of my schoolgril francais coming out. wow. what a bad trip! and your teacher sounds like a beeeeetch, pardon my french. i hope you can talk to him/her and get this problem ironed out. i mean, being locked out of class sounds really horrific! but i admire your wanting to learn french. i need a refresher course. obviously, since i can’t curse in the language!

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