A Productive Weekend

Saturday and Sunday proved to be a bit productive.

I worked, a little bit, on the Wheat Ear Yoke Sweater from Interweave Knits. I am working the sweater on US 6’s and 7’s, instead of 7’s and 8’s.

I’m not too sure about the stitch definition though. I really think it would look better if I went down another needle size and just make the largest sweater size. I have enough yarn. But tell me what you think? (When I stretch it out a little, it looks 100% GREAT…so I guess the blocking could make all the difference.)

I also made a lot of headway on the Monkey Socks. I am using yarn from my stash that I bought on Etsy a while back. I went up a needle size, (from 2’s to 3’s). They are a bit loose for me, so that’s a good sign. Cause they aren’t for me. I’m actually further along then the pictures. (I’m almost to the toe shaping.)

This is a great pattern.

The heel flap was a bit long for the pattern, but that’s probably because of the change in needles. I will definitely be making myself a pair of these…quite possibly in some Koigu.

And because she’s driving me crazy, I thought I’d post a cuteness picture.

She’s not so cute when she’s munching on grasshoppers. Three this week. Gross.

I’ll be updating Etsy later. There are a couple Amethyst sets I’m adding. (Just in case you ♥ purple.)

3 thoughts on “A Productive Weekend

  1. your Wheat Ear Yoke Sweater is gorgeous. i liked that pattern, too. and you’re using the exact same colorway? i’m sure it will look great on you when you’re done. i’d stay with the needles you’re using. i bet it will fit you just fine, given what you described.

  2. The Monkeys look great. Gross on the grasshopper eating cat. My cat is afraid of anything that lives outside!!!

    I think the sweater looks great!

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