That Sweater is Wicked Yo!

I finished Wicked last night while watching “Dead Silence”. Not that I had much to do, just finish the second sleeve. All the same, it’s like Second Sock Syndrome, but more like Second Sleeve Syndrome. I get to the second sleeve and man, oh man, the project takes a windfall in priority status. But I did good.

That’s the crossover rib pattern for the collar.

An arm shot. I decided to do sleeves to my elbows. So it’s somewhat like a T sweater.

And the seed stitching on the hem, which I think was kinda weird for the pattern since the collar and sleeves all had the crossover pattern. But the seed sitch gives a little, so it’s all good.

Sorry there’s no modeling shots, but it was hot here today and I enjoyed a nice, cool, air conditioned aparment hanging out with Scout! She even let us have a 2 hour nap this afternoon! (Much needed as I’m sure you all know!)

I’ll take pictures of it on me this weekend!

And now, for the Wheat Ear Yoke…so far the 7’s are keeping a good stitch definition. I need to do a few rows of St St to see if I have the right measurements. Otherwise I’m going down another size in needles and I’ll do the largest size in the pattern.


8 thoughts on “That Sweater is Wicked Yo!

  1. Yay, you finished! Feels good, huh? It looks amazing. I opted for the cable rib on the bottom. I tried the seed stitch, but it was all wavy, so I went back and redid it. I’m thinking of making another one, but who knows where my fickle mind will take me…

  2. Well done. I’m so loving that pattern. Can you send me the link?

    Glas to see you are doing well. How are the socks holding up?

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