Weekend, (and movie review)

I’ve been keeping busy. I must keep busy. Thursday is my upcoming surgery and while I’m 99.9% positive it’s what I want to do, crazy as it may sound, I still feel like I’m sort of losing something. So I’ve been knitting and reading. AND last night, Shawn and I went to dinner at Buca di Beppo. (In lieu of the fair. I wanted to go, but since we had to fix the car it made more sense to spend what we had leftover on a dinner date and groceries compared to just the fair. I’d rather eat the entire week and not just one day.) So we had a delicious “quattro al forno”, which is their HUGE sampler plate of: Ravioli, Baked Manicotti, Chicken Cannelloni, (which surprisingly was delicious, and I usually don’t care much for sausage), and Spicy Sausage Baked Shells. And for dessert? A HUGE hunk of the most decadent Chocolate Vesuvio. Seriously, this was the best meal I’ve had all year. They are certainly becoming a favorite for us!

After that we tried watching “The Number 23” with Jim Carrey. But the DVD we rented was flawed. After cleaning the disc and then the DVD player, we gave up and watched “Hostel”. Can’t wait for #2. And I saw the previews to the new “Halloween”. Now, if you don’t know, I ♥ horror films with a passion. I’ve seen them all and many I own. I have to say that I’ve been very disappointed in many of the remakes. Now, I didn’t really care for “House of 1000 Corpses” or “The Devil’s Rejects” and I don’t know what will happen with the new “Halloween” because Rob Zombie will also be directing this. The previews actually looked good, but you know how that goes! They put all the good stuff on preview and the rest of the movie is crap. I’m crossing my fingers because Michael Meyers is one of my favorite scary dudes. I also saw previews for “The Nanny Diaries” and it looks pretty good. I ♥ Scarlett Johannsen and the book was a hoot, so I think this will be a dead ringer. Shawn probably won’t go see it, (too chick flick and I already made him watch 3 hours of “Memoirs of a Geisha” which he won’t let me forget, LOL), but I might go on my own once it’s out. Yes, I’m an odd duck. I do go to the movies on my own occasionally.

But onto the important stuff, like for my Sock It To Me Pal socks:

The yarn is TOFUtsies in a variegated pink and knit on US 2’s. I am doing the same Garter Rib pattern that I used for my River Socks. I love the pattern. And these socks are awesome! (Might have to make another pair.) The yarn is wonderful to work with!

The heel:

I’m farther along though. I’m hoping to finish this one tonight.

Speaking of the swap, my pal sent me a very nice, very generous gift. In the box contained a small bottle of Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, a yummy Soy candle and a handful of See’s Lollipops, (Butterscotch…oooh yummy!). There was also this:

500 yards of Cider Moon Yarn (Icicle) in Asbury Park. I made the ladies at the LYS jealous! So thanks to my pal whose name I can’t mention because then other players will know who is spoiling me already!

While at the LYS I bought the new IK, which arrived a few days early (which made me happy since I wanted to make sure to have it with me when I went to the hospital) and two skeins of this Koigu:

I ♥ Koigu. If I could have an LYS of my own, it would be filled with Koigu. Maybe only Koigu!

Ewe Bitch Creations has a few more stitch marker sets available. I love these, myself. I think I’m going to make myself a set of these, I love the teal.

And just to oblige Nora here is a picture of Scout soaking up the suds:

Hehe, she’s so damn cute!


8 thoughts on “Weekend, (and movie review)

  1. Hey AJ, Jamie and I tried watching NUmber 23 also last night. CRAP movie!!! You are NOT missing anything!

    FYI – there is ONE (1) spot left in my sock club (robynsnest.ca/yarnclub.html). The sock yarn for the Sept kit is GORGEOUS!!! Just letting you know!! šŸ™‚


  2. Good luck on Thursday, I’ll be thinking about you! I think the sense of loss has to do more with the loss of possibility – even if you never wanted anymore, once that occurs you don’t have the possibility of choosing later…however you do gain a lot of other great things! =)

  3. What’s the name of your LYS where you get your Koigu and where is it? No one has it in Santa Barbara. I hear they want a minimum $3000 order and then you have to wait a YEAR before you get it. Good luck on your upcoming surgery. Me, I love anesthesia!:)

  4. Loving the socks in garter rib. I just got some wondeful STR in FOO FOO that I need a good simple pattern for!! Maybe this is it!!

    Good luck wtih the surgery. I’m sure everything will be fine!!!

  5. Sending all my good vibes your way for the surgery! xox
    And just for the record i *detest* scary movies (i’m a scaredy cat, i admit it!), i simply *love* koigu with all my heart, and i have to agree that the bubs is indeed *adorable*. :0)

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