Happy Thursday!

So last night, Shawn bought a car. A big car. A boat. It’s a 1989/1990, (I forgot the year), Lincoln Towncar. A silverish one. A boat! A car nevertheless. So my sanity is slowly seeping back into my bloodstream, (though the neverending, “I’m bored”, coming from Jem could be quieted and then I’d really be happy).

I was even happier to get a very lovely package from my very lovely secret pal. Katie has spoiled me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I have to say that I was very lucky to have her as a pal. She understood me! And she was even having contractions, (every 8 minutes apart she said), when she wrote me a quick note. Talk about dedicated!

So here’s the package:

No, Pepper wasn’t mailed back to me. She thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the box and popping out to attack your ankles. (Thanks Katie!)

And here are the contents of the package:

Included is: a box of See’s Candies, (YUM-O), a Knitted Puffy, Cupcakes! book, (all about baking and decorating cupcakes), a little pink and orange purse that has Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel and Body Butter, AND a skein of Yarn Pirate’s yummarific yarn.

In Village, (which was only available at the shop that Katie went to, told you I was spoiled):

So, Katie: THANK YOU!!! I am so excited to start using the YP yarn. The candy will be gone tonight, I assure you! 😉

In other news, I started my neighbors Charlotte’s Web this afternoon. I even went to the LYS and had a chance to knit for two hours! TWO hours! So nice, so nice. So I think I’m on row 31. But the deadline is July 18th and I don’t know if I can do it. It’s awfully pretty though, don’t you think?

Then I had a chance to check out the new KnitScene and I want to knit the Ingenue Blouse:

Sorry for the small picture, but it’s all they had on the website. Anyway, it’s made from Classic Elite Bamboo, and since I’ve never worked with bamboo, I think I’ll have to pick up a skein and swatch first.

After the Rusted Root, which needs about 3″-4″ of body and then the ribbing. I’m 1/4 way done with my second sock for the Hogwarts Socks. I guess I’m procrastinating because I dread the ends. Oh the ends. No more striped socks for me. Unless it’s self striping yarn. Oh, and the Wicked. I started a swatch for that too.

Boy, I have a lot of knitting ahead of me. One good thing, I finished the neck on the Rowan Flood, I just need to take some pictures of me in it. Next post.

BTW, there’s a few open spots left in the Sock It To Me Sock Swap, so come join us if you wanna have fun!


8 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. Hooray for new cars (even big ones)!

    That is one incredible SP – and a great package. And Pepper is tooooo adorable!

  2. what nice stuff. i’m so envious of your yarn pirate skein! and pepper looks adorable peeking out of that box!

  3. The picture of Pepper in the box is too cute! What a fantastic package.

    I love the colors of the new charlotte

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