I Hate Robyn!

Ok, maybe “hate” is too strong a word. How about despise!?
Why, you ask?
Because Robyn from Secret Pal 10 started another contest. This one is all about our WIP’s. I don’t even want to think about all the stuff I still need to finish, let alone post. It depresses me. But I’ll do it anyway. (You know I ♥ you Robyn, right?)
First up is the Fall 2006 Vogue Cabled Tunic in Filatura di Crosa Zara. I finished the back a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t made too much headway with the front. In fact, I haven’t even gotten through the first 24 row repeat. But I vow, yes vow, to have this done by September 2007. I will be wearing it in the Fall!

Second up is the Charlotte’s Web that I started this past Saturday. I am making a bit of headway with this though. In fact, I’m now on row 85 and have finished one complete skein of Koigu. I started the second skein yesterday afternoon. This is a fairly quick knit, (if you keep track of your rows correctly), so I have a feeling it will be done in a week or so. Then comes blocking. (*sigh*)

Third is the Frost Jacket that I’m knitting for the Knitting Nature KAL. After screwing up the cables and having to rip it a couple of times, this is on hiatus. I know I need to work on it soon. This would make a great coat for winter time.

Fourth is the Elann Pinwheel Sweater. No progress on this for quite some time. I just don’t feel like doing sleeves. I need to though. Scout could totally wear this come her first birthday. I just need to finish those darn sleeves. (Why must there be two!?)

Here’s Shawn’s second Snake Sock. I’m on Row 30 of 62 for the foot. Since they are shorter socks, than normal, it won’t take that long. But 80 sts around on US 1’s is kinda tedious. But these should be done by next week. I know he’s anxious to wear them after trying the first one on. (Plus, I want to make him another pair for Father’s Day, so I really need to get on the ball don’t I?)

And then there’s his blanket that he’s been waiting so patiently for. I’ll work on it today since I took it out of the bin and have it sitting on the couch still. Not that he needs it right now, but back in November when we bought the yarn he thought he’d get it fairly soon. (What does he know? LOL.)

Other than that, there is a sweater in the works for Scout. The back is done. I just need to work on the front. The sleeves will take no time at all. I should probably stop my sock addiction because it’s causing me to put down all my other projects. But alas, I cannot. I have a pair to knit for my Hogwarts Sock Pal and a pair for Debbie at the LYS since she’s been nice enough to wind my billions of skeins of yarn for me.

So there, Robyn. Happy?

I’m not. I have lots of knitting to do! Which would be a good thing, but Jem gets out early today and I promised to take him swimming. Then I have to go grocery shopping, stop by Borders to pick up a copy of Knitting Lingerie Style, (grab a copy, it’s a very classy and cute book), then I have to get my nails done, make dinner and attend Open House. Somewhere in there I will do some breathing and maybe get a row or two done.


7 thoughts on “I Hate Robyn!

  1. Man, I can relate. I started cracking up when I saw your pinwheel sweater… it looks like you and I are stuck at the exact same point. Thats a great goal… I’ll shoot for Thaya’s 1st birthday… that gives me… lets see… 11 months!

    By the way, ever new picture of that shawl inspires me to work some more on mine 🙂

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