One Big Bag

Well, I didn’t save my money. Shawn bought it for me:

What a great guy huh? Actually, he bought it for me because he went out and did a little retail therapy shopping for himself. Then he decided to do some retail therapy shopping for me. (Gotta β™₯ that!) It’s a Namaste Messenger Bag in Chocolate. The bag is made from cordorouy and is very soft.
I β™₯ the inside lining. I love a brown and blue color combo!

When you open the top flap there are two smaller pockets for accessories. All the closures are those magnetic button type clasps. (That’s good for someone who constantly breaks zippers…don’t ask me how!)

And the inside is quite roomy. There are two large compartments seperated by a zippered compartment, (that’s perfect for patterns or books). There are smaller zippered pouches in there as well. Along the bottom of the bag is a zipper that allows you to open up the bag and expand it a little.

It holds my two current WIP’s: the Matinee Coat, (which as of last night, I finished the back and started the Left Front), and my Dalton Socks. Plus the pattern books and my note book. Oh and my accessories pouch. It could hold more. (Don’t tempt me!)

The booties that my Favorite Color Swap Pal made for Scout:

Scout is really good about kicking them off of her. Any of the booties or socks that she has. She’s especially good about kicking off the left one.

Yesterday Shawn and Scout were playing around on the couch. I didn’t get too many good shots because every time I’d take a picture they’d move around and the picture would turn out blurry.

And today I got the new issue of Vogue. I am a bit disappointed though. Once again the plight of the big boobied girls needs to be addressed. *sigh* There were a number of projects that they VK+, meaning that they have larger sizes. I think that the fact that they are increasing the number of projects in larger sizes is a wonderful idea. (I had just read that the book “Big City Knits” by designer Twinkle has mainly off the wall sizes…one project is for a size 27″ bust!?) But I really think that Vogue needs to add larger sizes for at least 75% of their patterns. All of the patterns that I liked and would be very tempted to knit were simply too small. 28″ bust? I think not. Even 33″? Nope. And it’s not that I couldn’t figure out the measurements and design it so that it would fit me, but where would I find the time? I am certainly not a mathematician. I don’t want to stress over numbers. I want the guesswork done for me. Isn’t it enough to have to swatch and substitute yarn and needles for the pattern at hand. Must I do the rest of the work as well? If so, who needs Vogue?


11 thoughts on “One Big Bag

  1. I love my Namaste Bag – I got the black one but now I’m coveting your brown one. Durn! Great guy for getting you a great gift!

  2. CUTE bag! I bought a purse today with a similar pattern inside. I love brown and blue together. πŸ™‚

    Scout is getting so big. I love the pic of her with her Daddy.

  3. I adore that bag. I love the color combinations. I love love love chocolate brown with that grey/blue and with an “old rose” type pink!

    I know what you mean about the patterns. I feel the same way. I think they need to reasses who their target market is!

  4. look at your cute new bag. great colors and it looks very roomy. love Scout’s booties, too! they’re bootylicious!

  5. I’ve been looking at that smae bag and colorway at my LYS and Scout’s Swag for three months. I just haven’t been brave enough to buy it. Your guy rocks.

  6. that is such a lovely gift! you are a lucky gal! and i love the lining too, its gorgeous.
    i get what you are saying about the patterns. making a select few in larger sizes is not really fair. i think they need to be more accomodating to all types of people.

  7. WOW I Love that bag!!!! Found your blog via SP10 participant list. Lazy Friday night here in New Hampshire so I’m reading blogs! How beautiful your little Scout is! Just beautiful. πŸ™‚

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