Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday was a good day. Shawn came home early. Jem behaved, (it was his day off). Scout was smiling. And I got to knit for two hours uninterrupted. (That just doesn’t happen around the house too often.) I took a little ride to Simply Knitting for their Sit and Stitch night and finished these:
I can now say that I have knit myself a pair of socks! A pair of comfy socks! (I cheated, I admit it. I did a three needle bind off for the toes, because I just wasn’t getting the whole grafting process. I think I’m going to make a swatch and practice on that.)
But I’m just so dang proud of myself. And you should be too! This is where I got stuck with my first attempts at sock knitting:

But no more! They are very comfortable. I knit the Koigu KPPM on US 3’s, about 7 1/2 sts=1″. I started to swatch the STR Lucy last night on US 2’s. There is a noticable difference even though they are the same weight. Oh, and I’ve decided that I’m changing “Lucy” to “Dalton”. Though I’m not 100%, I believe that they named the colorway after Wendy’s pretty ragdoll, I believe that Dalton is the epitomy of Siamese and that was the reason I bought the yarn. I dub the next pair of socks Dalton.

After the Sit and Stitch, I stopped by Cold Stones and got this:

If you’ve never had Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, find your nearest CS and pick it up. It’s so delicious!

Now some of you may have seen this new Ripple Along that Alicia pretty much started. Well, I had kept track of her progress. I must say that she amazes me and inspires me. I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a little rippling myself. And if you don’t think I can crochet, I have proof!

(I apologize that it’s so small.) I crocheted this blanket from a Leisure Arts baby afghan book, (that I got from Michael’s), for my friend Christy. She was having a baby and I wanted to make something that would last. I decided to try my hand at crochet. One of the women at the LYS that I used to frequent was an amazing crocheter and she helped me a great deal, (especially because the pattern in the book is wrong). Anyway, there’s my proof. And I already decided the colors of the yarn. I *think* that I’m going to do a ripple afghan in dark and light teal, dark brown and oatmeal. I think that it would make a lovely afghan. (Sorry, but I don’t see myself going through my odds and ends in my stash and just coming up with something. I like an organized sense of color.)

Jem and Scout are doing well. Jem is still a pistol. That won’t change. And Scout, well she’s smiling a lot now. It’s hard to capture on the camera though, but I got a few good ones. (I’m updating Flickr if you want to see the others.

She’s such a happy girl!

And that makes me happy.

She seems so amazed.

In other news, I ordered yarn. More yarn. But you, my dear friends, must wait until I get pictures. Hint: I ordered yarn for the Ribs and Lace Tank. (BTW, Bekka, you asked me about the cheap Debbie Bliss. Check out Jannette’s Store out. She’s always got great deals on DB and Rowan!) I also ordered some RYC cheap from Jimmy Beans. Check it out, they are like $6.32 a ball for the RYC Cashsoft 4ply. 198 yards!.

Oh, one more thing, I had my interview at Home Depot this morning and got the job. I start the orientation in like two weeks assuming my background check and blood test comes back clean. No problemo.



9 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. Hello, scout just goes on getting more gorgeous every time you post . Your blog had given me the incentive to start one of my own , I am also your fav color swap partner, your package should arrive any day now . . .hope you like it , Ronnie otherwise ( The Imperfect Knitter ) I think that suits me quite well .

  2. The socks look so beautiful! And what a beautiful baby!!

    By the way, I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile and never posted… I meant to post on your last entry but got a little side tracked. I know you said you ordered the RYC… but if you want a better idea of what Kingfisher looks like, I made a yoked sweater out of it, its in my FO album on my blog. Its pretty darn close to the actual color.

    I seriously can’t get over those socks…

  3. You make knitting sound easy. I am terrible at it, really really terrrible.

    Darling OOOOOoooo photo of your baby!!

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