A Couple of Things

I finished the first River sock.

Pretty, ain’t she?

I had issues with the grafting. I tried about five or six times and opted out and did a three needle bind off. I am not really sure why it wasn’t working, but when I’d get to the last two stitches, they were always too loose. This worked out fine.

And the best part? Remember how I had to go back to the LYS to grab their last skein of Koigu? Well, it turns out I didn’t even need it. So I bought two of these:

More Koigu KPPM in blues, pinks and beiges. For socks. For more socks.

And Scout is a celebrity. While at the LYS two women, (I know for sure that one works there), were talking about the lady who works there’s granddaughter, (who was born the same day as Scout), and how old she was. The one lady asked me how old Scout was and what her name was. When I said, “Scout”, she asked if I had a blog. Well yes I do! Turns out she reads my blog. How cool is that!

I also found out that the second Friday of the month they have a special knitting night. So I’ll be going to that next Friday.

So here’s the boogie woogie:

And here’s the boogie woogie with her daddy:


3 thoughts on “A Couple of Things

  1. Your sock looks great but what’s even greater? That pic of those two! So sweet! Look at her pretty eyelashes!

  2. I’m so happy that you’re knitting socks now – and lovin’ it. As for me, I’m lovin’ that boogie woogie w/ daddy pic.

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