Just a little, Not a lot

As you can imagine, I’ve been busy. Our car has been giving us major problems lately: spark plugs exploding, car not starting, (this only happens to Shawn though), radiator leaking, head gasket…I’ve realized I’d much prefer the horse and buggy days. Cars are too unreliable. Especially used cars. And unfortunately, we rely on the car too much. Especially when we live 25 miles away from where everything is. It’s not that we don’t have things around us, just not the things we are used to, like the library, (that actually carries a variety of books), our doctors, my mom…It’s rough.
But while I’ve been keeping busy and not trying to stress too much about the car, (I can’t help but think I’ll be driving somewhere and get stuck on the side of the freeway, Scout in tow), I’ve had a chance to do a little reading, knitting related too!
Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik. Essentially it’s about a trio of friends who knit and all the drama they live with. And since I don’t have a knitting circle anymore, (I actually used to knit at a yarn shop in the Valley every day with the same women), I find that maybe if I read about others who do, well I can live vicariously through them. Sad, ain’t it? (How about the fact that I told Shawn that the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” are my friends. I live through them. He got a good kick out of that!)
And when I’m not reading about knitting, I’m actually knitting:

Those are the Koigu socks that from here on out I will refer to as my River socks because the colors remind me of a river. So take that! I am doing them on US 3’s at 7 1/2 sts= 1″. They are a little loose, but not baggy like the Orchids socks. My bad! The stitch is a garter rib stitch, knit one round and then K2, P2 the next round. Back and forth, forth and back.

I have about 1 1/2″ more to go before I can start shaping for the heel. But that’s ok. As long as I’m knitting. When I’m not working on these I’m working on the Vogue Cabled Tunic as well. There’s so much cabling, now I remember why I put it away for a while. But it’s seeing the light of day and looking quite lovely.

Meet Giraffey.

He’s Scout’s buddy, though she could really care less about her new friend.

She’s too busy checking out the lights. And other stuff.

She is now 23 1/2″ and 11 lbs. 14 oz. So take that! The Dr. said that the breastfeeding is obviously working quite well. And that makes me happy.


7 thoughts on “Just a little, Not a lot

  1. Thanks for the book suggestion. I’m always looking for something else to read.

    I think we’re on the same wavelength b/c I’m knitting a garter rib sock – just toe-up though.

    Scout is cute as always!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your car problems and missed knit buddies. But hooray for the knit blog community where no knitter is alone! And I’m loving the river socks! What Koigu colorway is that?

  3. I miss having knit buddies but I do love the online blogging community. It’s not exactly the same but it works.

    I love the Koigu socks. The garter rib pattern is a wonderful one. I used it for my Bearfoot socks and I’m thinking of using it again for my second Bearfoot socks (just different color). It’s a great little mindless pattern that ends up looking quite nice.

    Scout looks lovely as always!

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