What’s this, you ask?
This is what my Orchids socks started as.
This is what my Orchids socks now are.

Shawn and I had a doctors appointment for Jem last night. I decided to bring my Orchids socks with me because I needed something to do. I decided then and there that I wouldn’t continue to work on these socks. Why? Because they ended up being way too long, due to the “Knitty Gritty” taping. (If I was allowed to have a pattern on hand, I probably wouldn’t of kept on knitting straight.) So I had Shawn take out the needles and start the frogging process. It was hard. But, (yes there’s a but), now that I know I can turn the heel and pick up stitches, I’m ok with reknitting them.

What’s this, you ask?

This is called Triple Scoop. You can find it at Sereknity’s Boutique.

Yesterday turned out to be a fairly ok day. I didn’t make my Dr. appointments because the car didn’t get done until around 1. So I rescheduled, (with the hope that these spark plugs stay in place this time!)

But, today hasn’t necessarily been all the great. Dalton got sick! On my couch. On my MICROFIBER couch. *sigh* He’s sleeping on the loveseat. He seems to be better. I think I’m just getting sick of cleaning throw up. Who wouldn’t?

But then I see her and it makes everything all better!

She’s trying so hard to hold her neck up. As much as I love her and as much as she makes me happy, she also makes me very sad. I know it’s silly to say. But I remember when Jem was born how I wished for him to grow up. To talk. To walk. To do something. I didn’t enjoy the first year with him. I was 17. I was impatient. I didn’t know what I was doing. But now I look at Scout and I wish I could stop time and live in a bubble for a little while. I don’t want her to grow up. I don’t want her to talk. I don’t want her to walk. I want her to stay little. I’m 26. I’m still impatient, but not quite in a rush anymore. And now, I know what I’m doing, (somewhat).

How can I look at her and want her to grow up?

*sigh* Ah, she’s my heart. And while I don’t get much knitting done, (but I know you all think I do, my secret is that most of my recent posts are only about buying yarn, not knitting it, *sinister laugh*), I’m ok with staying busy doing Scout stuff.


7 thoughts on “Unraveled

  1. I’m glad today was a better day. I enjoy reading your blog – I live in Saugus, so we are almost neighbors. Your baby is adorable!

  2. Aw… She is a cutie! I’d be happy to read about her all the time! I’ve discovered a secret love of frogging socks. I used to just get to a point where I was fed up with them because something was wrong, and then they’d get buried down at the bottom of my knitting bag. Now I get them frogged and move on!

  3. Aww – she’s a doll. You’ll enjoy every moment even though she’s growing.

    On the sock – it’s painful to frog but better to frog then finish and not use, right?

  4. I too am a frogger. If your a perfectionist (as most knitters are) your going to be a frogger. I enjoy the pictures of the baby, you take excellent pics of her.

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