A No Good, Bad, Day

Yeah, it’s been an absolutely no good, bad, bad, day. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but it feels like today could totally be Friday the 13th. Yet, it’s only Monday the 5th. Please say this isn’t a warning for the rest of the month.
But you be the judge of my absolutely no good, bad, bad, day.
  1. Jem left his bedroom window open all night. Try nursing, at 2:30 a.m., in a 60 degree living room wearing jammie pants and a baby attached to your boobie. Not easy. Not fun.
  2. Jem didn’t take out the dog=Scarlett pee’d all over the hallway floor when the UPS guy showed up. *sigh*
  3. Jem had pizza and cottage cheese for breakfast, but he threw it out on the trash can. Not in the trash can. Gross.
  4. Jem wore dirty clothes to school, again. (I keep being told that’s what boys do, but it’s yucky.)
  5. Dalton was mad that we didn’t let him out late last night, (because of the coyotes), so he decided to pee in the bathtub. Boy cat urine is horrible. I don’t recommend letting your cat use the bathtub as a litter box.
  6. My paycheck still isn’t in my hands.
  7. Scout is sick. Wheezing, Coughing, Throwing Up…poor girl.
  8. I went grocery shopping when all of a sudden I hear a loud shuffling noise coming from under the hood of the car, (greeeeat!). I almost get stuck in the parking lot but decide to try to get home. (Success!)
  9. The spark plugs exploded and caused so much pressure it left a dent under the hood. (And then I had to tell Shawn.
I have obviously screwed someone in life and this is my threefold karma kicking my ass. Oh it’s been a horrible way to start the week. Especially because both Scout and I have Dr. appointments tomorrow in the Valley (which is about 25 miles out of town). Then we have Jem’s Dr. appointment. Wednesday is my Algebra class, though I’m not sure if I will take the class yet. (I mean, who really wants to take Algebra?) Thursday is my therapy, (and oh boy do I need it for today), appointment. So we need the car. Shawn just had it towed and we are hoping it will work when he comes home. In it. Not walking. Ay yi yi.
You know what would make my day? This:

You could get it from LuLu’s Etsy Shop. Just save me a skein.
Or my sanity. I’ll take either or.

7 thoughts on “A No Good, Bad, Day

  1. Ahh AJ! So sorry you’ve had a crappy day. Hopefully this will take care of the rest of the month and you’ll be in for better days now!

  2. “Somedays are like that, even in Australia.”

    (From Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, no good, very bad day)


  3. hi AJ,

    I am so sorry to hear about your day. I hope it picks up for you soon!!

    Was wondering about the Debbie Bliss ‘Cathay’ you are selling. Is the price for all 4 skeins together or is it per skein? I’m sorry if it is a silly question but I would be interested in purchasing it if I could get all 4 skeins…makes it worthwhile for a project or something 🙂 also was wondering how much of it did it take to make you caftan?

    thanks love. hope things pick up. if you ask me, you are handling things incredibly well!


  4. yup I will definitely take the debbie bliss then. it looks lovely and buying debbie always makes me feel super decadent or something. can never usually afford the stuff 🙂

    il email you my address.


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