Yarn Sale Tomorrow

Yes. You heard correctly. I am going to do a little online yarn sale tomorrow. I doubt I really have anything that anyone wants, (let alone needs), but I feel like purging the stash and have only tried selling items on eBay. I have a feeling I’ll have more luck on here then eBay. At least for now. So be on the lookout, I will post pictures and prices tomorrow a.m. I have some Debbie Bliss, Cashmerino, Manos del Uruguay, Gedifra, and Scouts Swag. Maybe some Koigu, though I’m not sure I will part with that.
I had a chance to do a little shopping yesterday. I went to Target to pick up the cutest Spring dress for Scout’s portraits, (those I will post on Feb. 16th when I pick them up). On the way I home I decided to stop by Barnes and Noble. I actually was only going to check out the magazines, being somewhat interested in Knit Scene since you can’t get it through subscription. I liked the newest issue, but then I came across this and decided that this would be much more useful:

“Classic Knits: 15 Timeless Designs to Knit and Keep Forever” by Erika Knight. Oh yes.

This is the Wrap Around Coat. Lovely. It’s knit on big needles in a chunky yarn and actually has a very good variation in sizes.

And then there was this little off the shoulder number called Bardot, (as in Bridget Bardot, though I may not be spelling her name right):

Very pretty.

There are 15 patterns and at least seven that I’d definitely knit for myself, (wallet and cash flow willing). I think that’s what makes buying books worth the $19.95. I’ve gotten sick of buying one book featuring one pattern. It’s all so disappointing. Which makes me think I might go ahead and sell a book or two while I’m at it.

Recycle. It’s good for the Earth. It’s good for Knitters.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Sale Tomorrow

  1. Sell your yarn?! How can that be! Sometimes I just like to look at my yarn – oohh pretty. I guess this is a bad thing? – I should be knitting with it.

  2. I love those sweaters! Once the baby is born, if I can manage to get to a consistant size again, I think I’m going to pick that book up. It looks incredible!

  3. Thanks for sharing that book. Sounds like one I need to look at and / or purchase. Can’t wait to see new pictures of Scout!!

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