New Knitting

Remember this?
It’s from the Rowan Plaid Collection. The pattern is called “Flood” and is designed by Kim Hargreaves. The yarn has been sitting in my closet, collecting time (not dust), waiting to be swatched. Waiting to be knit into big chunky stitches. 3 sts=1″ on US 11’s. A big, chunky, knit. Shouldn’t take too much time, right?

I’d like to respond with “No, it shouldn’t take long at all”. But I just realized the pattern asked for US 10 1/2 needles (along with the 11’s) and not US 10’s. No biggie right? Well I need to make sure my gauge is dead on. It is with the 11’s. Fine and dandy. Well it would be, except that my US 10 1/2’s are being used by Shawn’s afghan. So instead of making any kind of headway tonight, I’ll have to pick up another set of 10 1/2’s. Tomorrow.

At least I got gauge. And some motivation to work on something.

I finished Scout’s blanket. I did not finish Scout’s edging for the blanket. I worked on it last night, but try as I might, Debbie Bliss patterns continue to elude me. I try so hard. Maybe it’s because she’s an intelligent, English, knitwear designer and I am nothing but the mere knitter, trying oh-so-hard to keep up. I decided I won’t worry about it. The blanket is beautiful with, or without, the edging. And I think Scout is ok with that too.

So, next up? Shawn’s afghan. My goal is to have it done by Superbowl Sunday, which conveniently happens to fall on his birthday this year. 1/28/07 Here. I. Come!

But when Shawn is home, I’ll have to work on the Flood Sweater. Yes, I have the Frost Jacket and Cabled Tunic Sweater, but since they require 100% attention to their charts and sloping and slanting cables, I am putting them aside. I will work on them here and there. But I am determined to knit something that doesn’t require so much focus. Something that I can finish in a good amount of time. Suffice to say, I’d like to cast on something new for the New Year as well.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish my Orchids Socks and start working that Koigu. Just maybe!


8 thoughts on “New Knitting

  1. The blanket is beautiful just as it is and Scout looks pretty happy with it.

    FYI – the Superbowl is the following weekend 2/4/07 so you could even have an extra week to knit if you’re aiming for the Superbowl.

  2. OMG! I totally missed that you’ve had your baby! Yay for you, a beautiful girl, and I love the name you have chosen. Congratulations! And you are still knitting (lots of knit-bloggers seem to find it a lot harder once baby arrives) so double congratulations!

  3. That is a beautiful picture of the baby! And I’m sure she’ll love the blanket just the way it is. Of course, she’ll probably love it so much over the coming years that you’ll be repairing it several times . . .!

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