I’m one BAD girl!

For no other reason except that today is only January 6th of the New Year and I had to buy some yarn. No, I don’t have a pattern in mind. Heck! I don’t even have a project in mind. I’m so far from even thinking of new patterns and projects. But, again, I had to buy some new yarn when I went by Simply Knitting here in Santa Clarita. I’ve “reviewed” the store before and while I can’t say I was overly impressed, (you know me, I don’t care for novelty yarns or acrylics if I can help it), I was quite happy when I scored some Koigu in this pretty green/brown colorway:

175 yards per skein should make a nice pair of socks right? Yeah, I know, I’m not quite done with the Orchids socks, but how can you resist this:

Yeah I didn’t think you could, (let alone me).

So I plan on making socks with this yarn, (one day). I’ve been making my way through the Debbie Bliss Baby Shawl. In fact, I only have about 20 rows to go, (which includes the moss stitch edging). I have decided that I will do the triangular edging on the outside of the blanket as well. Scout deserves a whole blanket. So I’ve been trying to keep myself as focused as possible so that she can be wrapped up in it, and soon!

And of course, I leave you all with a precious photo of the little one who has stolen our hearts. You know, I ♥ my son. He was my first child. My only son. But I don’t know what it is about having a little girl. She fills me with such happiness. I think much of it has to do with the fact that I was (only) 17 years old when I had Jem. Now I’m 26. A little older (I don’t wish to ever hear that again), a little wiser…I think it’s also due to the fact that I knew what to expect this time around. It was a little easier. Even if it weren’t, look how beautiful she is. I’d do it all over again, though I don’t think Shawn would, LOL.


5 thoughts on “I’m one BAD girl!

  1. Oh Koigu – who could resist Koigu? Scout is pretty irresistible herself! One thing that you’ll really like about having a girl – better clothes to dress them in. Boys are awesome but not so much fun to dress up. I’m liking having 2 of each!

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