I’m just a BIG sucker!

I’m not a sucker when it comes to my sock. Except that maybe I’m a little hard on myself and I don’t think that the elongated cabling that I am doing is exactly like the book shows. I think it’s due to the fact that the books sample is done in a dark blue. My sock looks like this:

Every time I look at it I think one of three things:
  1. Lizards
  2. Dragons/Dinasours
  3. Christmas

Maybe it’s the coloring. No, I know it’s the coloring. But I’m trekking through because I have promised myself to make a pair. (Not just for me, but for “Knitty Gritty” too.)

This is a stretched out view, though I have to say the colors aren’t quite exact here.

The sock fits so far. Maybe a little loose, but that’s ok. As long as I get a pair done, I’m happy. I can gift them if I must. Though I can’t think of too many women with feet that have even wonkier measurements than yours truly.

But the real reason I am a sucker:

Shawn has been absolutely relentless wanting to know what I got him for Christmas. He’s even more impatient than myself, if that’s possible. And we’ve had a rough week. So I finally gave it to him, the little $hit.

But as you can see by that sly little grin he was completely and utterly happy! Happy with what, you ask? He’s been wanting a portable DVD player for a while now. So I bought him a 7″ by Polaroid, with a 3 year extended warranty and the DVD “Young Guns”. He has to drive (I should say, ride) a lot for work. So this should keep him busy and away from my iPod. 🙂 We can both equally be happy!

Everything else is going ok. I’m wishing that my due date was closer…45 days to go. It seems like eternity, especially when you are in constant pain. Doesn’t matter when or where, it’s constant. I have an appointment to get “fixed” tomorrow, though I don’t think there is a miracle cure except to wait. And like I said, I’m not a patient person.

My swaps are going ok as well. Unfortunately for the Sockret Pal Swap there have been numerous flakes. (Not on my end though!) But lucky for the Swap there are many angels! (Myself included.) I chalk it up to the holiday season. People are just too involved with the holidays and they let other things dwindle away. But my pals? They are great! And for that I’m thankful.


5 thoughts on “I’m just a BIG sucker!

  1. I think the sock looks great so far. That green and purple colorway can make you think of all sorts of things while you’re knitting. Keep at it. You’re doing great!

  2. I’m glad you are enjoying Sockret Pal. A little box is on it’s way to you this week.

    The socks are looking great…don’t stop now

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