Tooting My Own Horn

Maybe it’s a little too soon to toot my own horn, but toot toot! I started my first (well actually second because I ripped out the first one when the ribbing came out wonky) sock Wednesday night. I am tooting my horn because this second attempt has proved more successful than the first. Why? Because I do not, I repeat: I do not, have any ladders! I am tooting my horn because when I had to go to Urgent Care yesterday, there was a two year old boy who kept himself occupied by watching me knit with 5 needles! I am tooting my horn because I have finished the 1 1/2″ ribbing and I am going to start the leg of my sock.

I am very proud, (couldn’t you tell).
And I’m very tired. So it looks like I will definitely have a pair of socks ready for “Knitty Gritty”. This pregnancy is taking a lot out of me. Again, I have yet another girly problem and it’s affecting my sitting, laying down, standing and urinating. Not only that but my hips feel like they are cracking. If I wasn’t pregnant I’d think that osteoporosis was setting in a bit early. (It doesn’t help that the weather turned pretty chilly within the last week either.) Lastnight was a restless one. I tried laying sideways, a little on my tummy, and I could feel the pressure cramping my uterus (and ureter). I’m just not doing too well.
But again, I’m tooting my horn because through it all I am really trying to make a pair of socks. (They may fit too!)

7 thoughts on “Tooting My Own Horn

  1. Congratulations!! The ribbing looks wonderful. Just wait until you get to the heel and get to experience the magic of turning a heel. You’ll be hooked on socks in no time.

    The end of pregnancy can be so exhausting and full of aches and pains. Hang in there. You have something great coming.

  2. It does look great so far! Toot away!

    Have you tried sleeping with a body pillow? It really helps put your body in alignment. Hope you feel better!

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