I Am Slowly Approaching "the" Hill

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. Twenty Six. Twenty. Six.
We had an excellent weekend and, yesterday, I really didn’t want it to end. So rarely do Shawn and I get a chance to actually spend time with each other. Just the two of us. I woke up to a suprise though. I went to wake up Jem for school and as I walked into the living room, there was Shawn in his Stewie (“Family Guy”) pj’s. He took the day off of work! Just for me! He said he didn’t want me to spend the day alone because he’d be working til about 3 and then we’d have to run to the Valley for my Dr. appt. Ain’t he the sweetest?
It gets better though. Shawn and Jem went shopping on Saturday and bought be two of the most very best gifts in the world. Isn’t this pretty?
I definitely wasn’t expecting diamonds for my birthday present. Jem apparently had the option of which necklace to pick from. He was a good boy and chose the 1 ct. diamond instead of the 1/2 ct. I’ve taught him well.
They also bought me this:

Actually, Shawn had bought me the Kitchen Aid Mixer back in September and I’ve ♥’d it every day since! But it’s the attachment that I got for my birthday: an Ice Cream Maker. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE ice cream. Homemade no less! I’m hoping to try it out tonight after we go to the store and hopefully remember to buy the cream.

I had my Dr. appointment yesterday as well. (Great present huh?) Actually it was good. It took about 15 minutes. My glucose test came out perfect this time! YAY! I was starting to worry that it wouldn’t since the first test came out so high. But I passed “with flying colors”. Everything else is fine. Seven weeks to go! I’m excited. I want to see our little girl so much. But I have my fears too. Some rational. Some not. It’s weird what children can do to you huh?

After my appt. Shawn took me and Jem to Claim Jumper for dinner. YUM! I ordered a Chicken Pot Pie which was delicious. Sooo delicious that I ate, nearly, the whole thing and didn’t have room for dessert. Shawn promised we could stop by Cold Stone’s for dessert tonight!

I also had a little celebration for Scarlett. It was a year ago that I got her from the shelter for my birthday present. So we stopped by the pet store and picked up a little something:

Hardly little I know. The bone was almost as big as her. She’s had it since Sunday night and already she’s cracked the knee joint off. The proof is on my carpet!

Shawn and I didn’t do much yesterday. Just hung out with each other. I also had a chance to start a gauge swatch for the “Knitty Gritty” yarn. This was done on US 3 needles. I’m taking everyone’s advice and making socks. I doubt they will fit me, (which is ok because I have another skein), but maybe they will fit somebody. I hope they will fit somebody. I really don’t care who!

I have to end this post with a question: How will I get the yarn to stripe? Is there some kind of sock knitter’s secret to make stripes or forms work? If so, can you share them? Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it. A lot of it.


9 thoughts on “I Am Slowly Approaching "the" Hill

  1. That’s a gorgeous necklace! And so nice of Shawn to stay home. Glad your doc’s appt came out well! I don’t know exactly how to make a yarn stripe other than playing with the cast-on number and needle size πŸ™‚

  2. the stripes all depend on how the yarn was dyed. pull out a long length of yarn and look at it. if it has about equal lengths of each color then it should stripe. if it has little blotches of color everywhere then it wont stripe. it’s pretty though!

  3. Happy beleted! What wonderful presents!

    From your gauge swatch, it looks like that yarn won’t stripe (unless you’re knitting something with few stitches, like i-cord or a really skinny scarf). Yarn is considered self-striping if there are long stretches of each color (such as if you were knitting socks, each color should “last” for at least 1 round of the sock.

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