Ruffles Have Ridges

I have to start with my Sockret Pal is better than yours! That’s right! I came home to two packages. The first one was this:
Two skeins of wool/acrylic yarn that will make an excellent scarf! I also got a cute little sheep measuring tape from Lantern Moon and a bag of Werther’s Original Caramels. Oh how I covet these! (Shawn thought he’d get some, but he had to raid Jem’s trick or treating bag for candy! He’s not getting his dirty paws on my caramels!) Thank you so much Sockret Pal. (Whoever you may be!)
I’ve been making a lot of progress with the Lacy Dress. In fact I’m nearly done with the knitting. This is a picture of the shoulders before being bound off. Since the dress is knit in one piece it was pretty easy to keep the pattern going. Now I just need to finish the left side and get to the sleeves and seaming.

Another shot of just the right side of the dress. Isn’t it beautiful?

And a picture of my ugly mutt! Awww, ain’t she a cutie pie!? She was playing with her Kong hydrant, so I snapped a shot of her just as she looked up. She’s not a dog. She’s a ham!


5 thoughts on “Ruffles Have Ridges

  1. I fell in love with that yarn when I found it:D I’m so glad you like it.

    The baby dress is sweet! It will be nifty to see your little girl in that dress. How lucky she is.

  2. Hi AJ, thanks for the comment on the sockret pal blog. yeah my secret pal was super good to me, though she/he seems to have dissappeared now..hhmmm! Your parcel looks cool too and the wee dress your knitting is so lovely. Is it a baby dress or a big person dress? (hard to get perspective!) congrats also on your baby on the way and I think you do look glowing no matter what you say in your earlier blogs. Feel free to stop over at my blog whenever…was lovely chattin with you 😉


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