Not a Stitch Saturday

So far this weekend has been filled with some excitement, but not of the knitting kind. (I’m determined to get in at least one row today.)
It pretty much started with the kids waking up and being A Class brats. Behavior included: jumping on the beds (one of them bumped their heads, of course), locking Dalton in the closet and climbing on the baby stuff (gasp!), arguing about parents…the list really goes on. *sigh* Children can be such a blessing, but damn if they can’t be asses too!
Shawn decided to grab some lunch at McD’s since I’m supposed to be on total bed rest this weekend, (which hasn’t really happened, the rest part I mean). On the way to the McD’s that’s only about 2 1/2 blocks away, he got into a car accident. *sigh* And, of course, the other car wasn’t damaged but for a little scratch in the paint. His truck? You don’t want to know. We have been discussing what kind of car to get, after he sold his truck, but now it may not be worth much to someone else. Either way, once the baby is here we will have another car. But this is just a bummer.
After all that drama, Shawn took his son to his sisters and came back home. After a good release of pregnancy hormones we were back to normal. We decided that dinner out would be a good thing. Oh boy! We decided to head to BJ’s brewery at the mall. When we got into the parking garage, two anorexic looking teenaged girls started making comments and of course, here I am 6 months pregnant, stressed out and just not in the mood. We had a few words. After that we headed to the restaurant, but as we walk across the cross walk, here are the girls again. The clever little driver decided to put her foot on the gas and nearly hit me in the cross walk! Well you can only imagine. Shawn was about to pull her pretty little head out of the car and kick some ass, LOL. Oh he’s so protective.
Fast forward. The girls are sitting in their car, outside the restaurant, waiting for someone. Shawn was expecting a boyfriend or dad to show up. But no, the cops! It gets better! Really, it does. Shawn speaks with two of the sheriffs and let’s them know, yes we had words with these girls because they were being disrespectful. And then about the girl playing games and nearly hitting his 6 1/2 month pregnant girlfriend. Well the sheriffs don’t like hearing that. And they didn’t like hearing these two little girls giggle about it either. Apparently they got a good reaming. The driver asked why we weren’t being arrested and he responded with, “If I was going to arrest anyone, it would be you.” Justice conquers!
Alright, so the rest of the day was calm. We had dinner and guess what? Someone paid for our dinner! The waitress knew about what happened and I was guessing at this point either the restaurant paid, or the sheriff paid. (Shawn said that he was really pissed off about these girls messing with me.) We will never know, but I think it’s wonderful that there are people out there who do things like that. (In fact, the other day Shawn picked a guy up that was slowly walking down the road. Apparently the guy just had hernia surgery and he was trying to get a ride from the bus stop to the pharmacy. So Shawn, being the nice guy that he is, gave him a ride to get his meds and back to his house. Pay it forward.)
After all that we did some shopping. Shawn bought clothes. I tried some on, but let’s face…nothing really looks great when you are pregnant. I did buy a sweatshirt and matching pants that hopefully won’t fall off me when I’m done with this pregnancy. We bought a bassinett/play pen for the baby:
And I bought some of this yummy stuff from Bath and Body Works:
If you haven’t tried it, do now! It’s the best! I also bought some Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion and Bubble Bath. And a tube of Hand Repair Lotion for Shawn since his hands have been taking a beating lately. Oh and a little something for my Secret Pal! 🙂 Oh you lucky duck, whoever you may be!
So now we are off to breakfast where I hope we don’t run into little girls that make me wish I was still a teenager just so I can kick their butts!
*sigh* Hormones are raging people!

3 thoughts on “Not a Stitch Saturday

  1. What a story! I’m so glad it came out well for you. I can’t believe even snotty self-righteous teens thought YOU had done something wrong after they “tried” to hit you to the point of calling the Sheriff. And not to understand how serious that was. I mean making snarky comments is one thing, but to play games with pedestrians while driving?? That’s a whole ‘nother level. There is something seriously amiss with a sense of entitlement THAT large.

  2. Unbelievable! I would’ve kicked the s#@$ out of those teenage bimbos myself. How horrible you had to be the victim of that, but at least someone was nice enough to buy you dinner. And your man, gosh, he’s a keeper. He sounds like such a sweetie.

    Everything with your glucose tests go OK?

  3. He should’ve arrested them to teach them a lesson! That said, if they accelerated straight for you they should be arrested AND cahrged! Imagine if they hit you (and the baby). Surley attempting to drive into a 6 mth pregnant KNITTER and all-round-nice-gal is a serious criminal offence? Ok, I’m hysterical…
    Amethyst has left you a nice comment in my comment section. x

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