Oh My Ribbing!

After sitting in the lab today, for well over an hour, to take a glucose test, I decided to swatch some Lorna’s Laces and see what my gauge was on some US 6 DPN’s. I was getting about 6 stitches to the inch. So I started my very first sock. I haven’t done too much, as today has been pretty stressful. But I did get a little bit of the 2 1/2″ ribbing needed for the top of the sock. I’ve even tried it on! So far it fits fairly well, but come on! It’s only the calf so far!

But I’ve been, little by little, getting more done on the Cabled Tunic. I haven’t measured it yet, but I have to get to about 22 1/2″ until I start decreasing. * sigh * This is turning out to be a little more work than I had originally wanted. But I am loving the results. So it’s well worth it.

Yesterday in the mail I got my stitch markers! Yay! They are cute as hell. And smaller than expected. They are quite darling! I will have to take some pictures while being used on a project. I’ve already contacted Jillian at WeeOne’s about a special order for this mutt:

Yeah, I’m ordering stitch markers that match my puppy…which is something my Sockret Pal should be on the look out for. (*hint hint*)

And my Secret Pal you ask? Oh she has no idea what’s in store for her either. Shawn saw what I bought her this afternoon and smiled. Even he knows this is too cool!


4 thoughts on “Oh My Ribbing!

  1. I hope all goes well with the medical test. Also hope it’s not gestational diabetes – Gulp! Fingers crossed.

    Hooray your first sock!! And your tunic is looking lovely! When it’s done you’ll be so proud!

  2. Good luck with your test! Is it the orange soda test? I lved that drink.

    I am flying into Orange county on Thursday, staying in Irvine thursday, friday, and Saturday night, and flying home Sunday morning!

  3. Those cables are gorgeous! Found your blog through the comments on mine. Congrats on your baby! Hope everything goes well.

  4. Your knitting is gorgeous! And the colors you use!!

    I am happy to watch you since I cannot knit myself!!

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