Knitting Nature

Wednesday afternoon we had to drive back down to the Valley and I had a chance to pick up a copy of Knitting Nature from the library. Now I’d heard that this was a good book. I’d even come across the Knitting Nature KAL. Well I have to say that this book isn’t what I expected. It’s much better! (Though I admit, I won’t pay bookstore prices, so it is!)

Here is what caught my eye first. It’s called the Honeycomb Henley and it’s gorgeous!

And this? You like this one don’t you? This is called the Phyllo Yoke Pullover and is made with my favorite-Rowan! Rowan Calmer to be exact. How could I pass up a chance to knit a pattern that uses a wonderful yarn? You see my point?

And then there’s this one. * sigh * Sorry for the blurry picture…but my digi camera doesn’t fair too well with low light and patterns from glossy paged books. Nevertheless, the Frosty Jacket is definitely going to be knit soon. Gorgeous!

And last, but certainly not least, is the ever popular Sand Dollar Pullover. It probably doesn’t help that the model is certainly quite beautiful. She makes the pattern worthy I tell you!

So there is my book recommendation. Run! Don’t walk! And buy a copy of this book. There are a number of other patterns in this book that I know I will be knitting. Now if I could just find the right yarn for each one! Then I’ll be set. I promise I’m not an enabler. Sort of.


2 thoughts on “Knitting Nature

  1. One of my favorite books ever! I’m so glad you added it to your library. I have yarn waiting to be swatched for the Frost Jacket – love it too!

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