I Don’t ♥ Knitting

There are times when I hate knitting.

Ask me why. I dare you!

Why? You ask.

I don’t ♥ knitting because sometimes I’m such an a**hole that I think that I just know the pattern well enough. Well I don’t! I was minding my own business yesterday afternoon after talking to Joy from the show Knitty Gritty. It all started with her post on the S&B Los Angeles Yahoo group. She was asking if any of us knitters would like to be Knitsters for the show! Ummm, hello? Yes I would. I ♥ the show. It’s on my DVR. I record every episode. How could I not want to be on the show. Anyway, I spoke with her about possibly being on the show when they have new tapings next month.
So here I am, elated! I mean me, on “Knitty Gritty”. I sit down and grab my cabled tunic, which at this point has grown an inch or two (closer to two) since my last post. It was beautiful! And that’s when I see it. Two cables on the left side panel didn’t overlap…meaning, instead of putting the cable needle in the back as the pattern clearly stated to do, I put the cable need to the front!!!
I thought if I just undid a few rows of those nine measly stitches I’d be ok. I tried picking up and re-cabling the cables. But oh no! God isn’t that good to me when it comes to situations like this! Do you know how horrible it feels to RIP, (and I don’t mean frog…I really mean R.I.P. at this point), 20 rows of a beautiful cabled sweater. Sure it was only 150 sts width wise. But at 20 rows that’s 3,000 stitches. Three thousand stitches. Poof! Gone. It’s a sad day indeed.
But get this. After nearly crying to Shawn about how bad I felt, and boy did he understand when I told him it was the cabled sweater I had to frog, I decided to sit down and try to reknit the work. I did okay. Only a few rows. Then after dinner I picked it up again and realized, I did it again! The same friggin’ cables on the same friggin’ rows. How could this have happened? Lucky for me, (and luck surely has nothing to do with this cursed sweater now), I had only done a couple of rows, so I could easily, (yeah, right), go back and undo those frustrating nine stitches.
I’m back on track. But I’m thinking that I hate this sweater. This is why I hate knitting. Sometimes it has to be so easy that’s it’s hard.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t ♥ Knitting

  1. How cool that you may be on Knitty Gritty. I emailed the show a while ago, and Joy emailed me back. I have a small business making stitchmarkers and they might be intrested in my stuff as a knitbit! You’ll have to tell Joy that you “know” the chick that emailed her about stitchmarkers 🙂

    In fact….I could send you some if you like 🙂

    -Jenn (not some random person….I’m your SP hostess)

  2. dude, there’s an entry on the yarn harlot’s blog that shows you how to fix that. she stitches down the errant cables and DUPLICATE STITCHES THE PROPER CROSS OVER THEM. you should check it out. you know, if you get tired of laddering down and making the same mistake over again… 😉

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