Contemplating Kitty

I really think that if you knew Dalton you’d love him. Everyone here does. He’s made life long friends with my German neighbor, Paul. When we first moved here, three years ago (almost to the day), Paul had a black and white kitty with a little Charlie Chaplin moustache. I don’t know what his real name was, but everyone called him Hitler. (Charlie and Adolf had the same moustache!) Anyway, Dalton loved his kitty and they would visit each other via our balcony. Unfortunately Hitler was put to sleep after a series of intestinal problems. Dalton took his place and spends a lot of time visiting Paul and warms up his doormat on a daily basis.
Today was no different. We’ve had a little bit of rainy weather today and Dalton decided to abandon the doormat and check out the wet stuff.
He seems to be contemplating on what to do. Should he go back to Paul’s and the warmth of their home? Or should he saunter around in the light drizzle?

As the rain got a little heavier he decided to set up camp under the stairs by our door. What a nut!

In Other News: Tomorrow is our “official” day to pick up the keys to our new apartment. I’ve already packed all my knitting books, patterns, yarn and needles. With the exception of the Pinwheel Sweater that needs a new edging, the Interlocking Hearts Afghan and my new Zara that I received from Canada yesterday! I’ve already started my moss stitch swatch. (Try saying that five times fast.) At least I will have something on hand in the midst of the move. I don’t ♥ moving!


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