♥ to ♥

Not much going on this weekend. Thursday night I picked up some Bernat Cotton Tots Yarn in Strawberry. I only picked up two skeins since I wasn’t sure how much I could get out of the yarn. I’m quite impressed though. The skeins are about 170 yards. I got quite far with one skein. See for yourself!

You can find the Interlocking Hearts Baby Blanket at About.com. I’d actually tried this pattern when I was first learning how to knit. I wasn’t much of a row counter, let alone a stitch counter. I don’t think I got past the first 20 row repeat. I’m already in my third 20 row repeat. It won’t take long to finish this blanket. And it’s completely reversible!!! Gotta love it.

Here’s a close up of the hearts (on the knit side). I really like it. I might have to make another one in a different color. Bernat has a few nice and bright colors. I’m thinking yellow is the next in queue.


3 thoughts on “♥ to ♥

  1. oh oh oh, once you teasingly write you were jealous on my blog about my photos…well sister, i am jealous of your talent too!! 🙂 Lovely work, I cannot KNIT!! 😉

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