Wilton Cake Decorating Class

It was AMAZING! I learned so much in just two hours time. I ♥ to bake. And I ♥ cake. Put those together and it just works out wonderfully! I’ve never been much of a decorator though. I take a knife and slab a thick portion of soft frosting. Git ‘er done! I have to say that I didn’t know there was so much to cake decorating. I thought you had a cake, you ice it, you decorate with pretty little flowers and piping and then BAM! You’re done. But no! There is a science to it. You have to have the right cake, the right types of icing consistencies, the right icing tips…the right everything.
During the first class we learned that there are three types of icing consistencies. (Stiff, Medium, Thin.) You make the Stiff type first and then you can add a certain amount of water to it and change it to Medium or Thin. Each type helps a certain decorating tool. With the Stiff consistency you get the beautiful roses. With the Thin you are more successful with piping names or messages. Interesting huh?
We also learned that you should always use the bottom of your cake as the top of your cake once you level it into tiers. That’s because the bottom of your cake is more smooth and that helps with icing! It makes sense, but I’d never thought about it before. We also learned how to level the cakes into two, three or four tiers. (Maybe even more.) I bought a nifty little cake leveler after the class. So much easier than a serrated knife that will cause a crooked and uneven cake.
Our instructor showed us the right way to ice a cake in the middle and then to do the outside of the cake. We also got to see her in all her glory making the Wilton Rose with orange and red icing. The effects were outrageous. We won’t learn how to do the rose until next week, the base of it at least. I’m excited about it!
In our course book it shows different types of character shaped cakes. I thought that us knitters would get a kick out of this one!

I’ll have to wait to do a little lamb though. This is the “suggested” character cake pan to try with next week’s assignment! I’ve decided to do a round cake though.

Our homework assignment: Bake a cake. Level the cake into at least two tiers. Ice the cake. Make 3 1/2 cups frosting (different consistencies). Our instructor will then help us with the decorating tips, the base of the rose and the colors of the icing. I know it’s corny, but I’m so excited!

I’ll tell you what I wasn’t too excited about: The price! It costs $25 for four two hour courses. It’s also Bring a Friend free month. The class kit costs about $20. (I already had that as I purchased it earlier to have a go at it on my own.) But the list of what we need last night. WOW! I’d better stick with it! (Even with a 10% discount.) I bought: 8 color set of icing dyes, 100 piece parchment paper triangles, 6 10″ cake boards, a large bottle of Clear Vanilla Extract, a small bottle of Butter Flavor, a Cake icing tip (this is a large one not provided in the starter kit), piping gel, Meringue powder and a small cake leveler. It cost about $45.

Not to mention I did a little more damage in Michael’s. I bought one more skein Paton’s Classic Merino Wool to finish the Irish Hiking Scarf, for my grandmother. I’m nearly done with the first skein. I have to say that the variegated yarn looks much better knit, then just sitting there on the shelf. I also saw a most exquisite teal colored wool that I will have to use. It was just too beautiful not to! I also bought some glue sticks since I ran out, which I can use on my new Comfort Journal. I can’t wait to start.

It seems that now that my son has returned to school, my creativity has returned!

And if you haven’t already checked it out, Knitty.com’s Fall issue is up and I want to knit Viveka!


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