Koigu, Chocolate and Cats

I had a chance this weekend to drive to Hollywood and check out Black Sheep Knittery. I didn’t have much as far as expectations because the pictures on their site are so sparse. But it was a yarn shop I had yet to explore, so Shawn and I took a short road trip. I’m not much of a Hollywood fan. The 101 is a constant traffic jam. But the streets in Hollywood are worse. Plus, there are some people you really don’t want to encounter-ever. But that’s also what makes Hollywood so interesting. The people. The buildings. The history. This yarn shop turned out to be smaller than expected, but when you realize how small the buildings in Hollywood were built than it becomes understandable. The store utilized as much of it’s space as possible, including a loft area for cozy couches and knitting needles.
I ended up buying two skeins of Koigu 100% Merino in a pretty buttercup yellow. I’ve never worked with Koigu, but the colors were absolutely beautiful. You have to have a high appreciation for hand dyed yarn. It’s been a dream to swatch with. I’m hoping to make a pair of Baudelaire Socks. Now, I’ve never made socks and so far, I’m only swatching. But already I’ve come into a problem. (So if you are a sock knitter, HELP a sister out!) The largest foot size for this pattern is a 9.5 circumference. I need help to adjust the pattern to a 10.5 circumference. Do I need a longer foot? Or do I need a few more stitches for a larger sock altogether? Either way, I am in ♥ with this yarn. I have already told Shawn once the yellow goes, I will go back for some pretty blue.

Now, as a woman I ♥ chocolate. Especially See’s Candies. I like all types of chocolate, but NOTHING, I said NOTHING, tops a box of See’s. Shawn picked up a box today. Lucky for me he doesn’t like nuts, so I get to eat most of this box! It’s filled with: Milk Chocolate Bordeaux, Tipperaries, Polar Bear Paws, Vanilla Buttercreams and Butterscotch Squares. Yum! (I have a kick ass boyfriend don’t I? But it doesn’t stop here!)

These are what Shawn brought home for me yesterday. I’ve been having a lot of ups and downs with my bipolar disorder and being pregnant, so he said he wanted to get me something that will make me smile. They surely did. Aren’t they beautiful! My favorite!

In the cat world we have discovered that Dalton is a pervert! You’d think he could control himself around an audience. We were thoroughly wrong!

I wish I could enjoy life like this! Oh to be a cat. It must be so hard, huh?


2 thoughts on “Koigu, Chocolate and Cats

  1. but really, there’s nothing like a box of See’s candies. My aunt used to bring them to us and send them as christmas gifts. She lived in SanFransico.

    To get a 10.5 circumference, you’d need to cast on more stitches because the circumference is the width all the way around your foot.

  2. I got to check out new stores this weekend too! It’s the best.

    On your socks, I looked on Sensational Knitted Socks for the tables. For a 10.5 circumference v. a 9.5, it indicates both more stitches cast on (depending on your gauge – basically an inch more stitches – but I guess a number that will be divisible by the pattern repeat in the Baudelaire) and also longer in the foot. But these are all tables of averages. I guess the length you just try on until it’s right 🙂 Good luck!

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