Midwest Moonlight

I’ve actually made some headway with my scarf. It’s called Midwest Moonlight. You can find the pattern in Scarf Style. This particular design is by Ivy Bigelow. I must admit, I don’t care for scarves much. So when I make one it’s because I ♥ the design. In all of my years of knitting I think I’ve knitted approximately 6 scarves. I suppose living in Southern California is partially to blame for that. (Our weather isn’t cold enough to sport a scarf but for maybe a month in the winter.) I only have one of those 6 scarves in my possession. The rest were given away as gifts. (To people who benefit from wearing them in the winter too.) Anyway…since I was able to grab an extra skein of Alpaca & Silk, I decided to work on this. This WIP started months ago, so it’s time to finish. This scarf is mine. I won’t be packing it off to state known for it’s low temps. I have the most perfect top in the exact shade of this yummalicious yarn. You should try it. I’m not enabling. Honest. But the colors are gorgeous and the yarn is so wonderful to work with, especially in lacework. (I will admit though, the yarn comes in hanks and since I don’t have a ball winder…well you can only imagine the tangles you can get if you aren’t careful.) Try it. You’ll like it! I dare you!


5 thoughts on “Midwest Moonlight

  1. I made that scarf in silky wool. I’m not a scarf person either but I love the pattern. Yours is going to be beautiful.

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