Girl, Interrupted

No pictures today. Why, you ask?
Well let me tell you! The past week and a half my phone has been in and out of service. I found out that a switch is not working in their system, which is causing my phone to have no dial tone. Sometimes I can call out, but sometimes I can’t. My DSL was turned off because my modem isn’t working. So I am using my back up, dial up account. Unfortunately since the phone isn’t always working or doesn’t have a dial tone, my computer can’t dial out and get me online. Even then, the dial up is so slow that most of the time I can’t get on a webpage. This should be fixed by this Friday, I hope.
In Knitting News:
In my last post I proposed to do a cabled pullover sweater from “The Life Aquatic” series in an old Vogue Knitting. My Cathay yarn arrived on time for me to start with the World Knitting Cup. So, I have the pattern. I have the yarn. I have {a lot} a bit of incentive (I wanted to make myself a sweater that I could wear before I started to show.)
The Good: The yarn is beautiful. Very, very beautiful. Kudos to Debbie Bliss! The color is gorgeous, it’s almost a dark blue ink pen stain color. When Shawn came home and saw it, he asked for me to make him something with it! Silly {little} big boys!
The Bad: Friday evening I did my rib pattern stitch gauge on the suggested needle size. Nope! I changed the needle size. Yes!
The Ugly: The pattern has confused me to no end. Friday night I was about to go crazy. I had done the first row of the chart backwards, so to speak. My purls should have been knits and vice versa. Come Saturday I was having yarn over and ssk problems. Whatever the reason, my mind simply isn’t putting 2 + 2 together correctly.
Well. I was in better luck. Saturday I received my first issue of my Interweave Knits subscription. Though I didn’t chose a pattern from this issue, there are a few that will definitely go into my to do pile. The best luck was that I found a pattern from the last issue of IK that I had wanted to do, though I didn’t think I had enough yarn. But my 100 m of Cathay x 20 skeins makes this other sweater a definite possibility.
So definite that I redid my gauge swatches. I had to go down a needle size, but it worked! It’s a Caftan pullover done in this silk blend. There’s a lot of seed stitch, which normally I don’t care for, but it looks quite fantastic in this yarn. I am happy. Even if I am a little behind for the WKC, I am still happy that I found something to fit this soon to show belly.
In Other News:
I am 8 weeks pregnant. I feel: exhausted, drained, hungry, nauseous, tired, anxious…Can this be good?
{I was so lucky to have an easy pregnancy the first time. With my son I always had to eat breakfast, or I’d feel sick all day. I didn’t start to really show until I was 5 months. I experienced edema after consuming too much salt. So I ended up feeling bloated. My skin was tight from the water retention, but that didn’t start until I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant. Labor was easy too! I got a hospital room and check up by 7:30 p.m. My son was born at 9:58 p.m.}
But now! I just feel so tired and helpless. Nevertheless, Shawn and I are discussing names more and more (I’ll save that for a different day). We’ve done some crib browsing and found a nice light wood one. My first exam is scheduled for this Thursday, but it coincides with Shawn’s sister’s High School graduation. So I might reschedule, if possible. We think the baby is a girl. Maybe that’s why this pregnancy is so different. That or because I’ve been having dreams of my new baby and the baby is always a girl.
More to come soon! With pictures!

3 thoughts on “Girl, Interrupted

  1. Sometimes you have to try the wrong yarn/pattern combo to get to the right one. Glad it all worked out. Hang in there and get plenty of rest! Maybe in a few weeks, you’ll start to feel better.

  2. I had the samething happen to me once, I could not for the life of me figure out how do to a yarn forward … strange how your brain decides to just not work sometimes… I’d say get all the rest you can but with another little one running around it is hard. I have 2 kids that are 23 mos. apart, its good now, they are 6 & 8, but when they were little it was hard.

    Good Luck!

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