I joined YarnMonkey’s Knitting World Cup 2006. I had intended on making myself a sweater, one from Knitty. I had ordered the Rowan 4ply Cotton from Ebay, thinking it would make a nice airy sweater. The gauge was all wrong though. I decided to rifle through some patterns and I came across this Vogue pattern from their 2005/2006 Spring and Summer Issue. I really like the cables and the widened neck. Bonus: The pattern goes up to a 50″ bust. (Not that I have a 50″ bust, but I do have a 42″ bust and sometimes the knitting world forgets that most women have curves, breasts, wide hips, fat on their tummies…I am not their typical size 00 model who can look good in anything with a little airbrushing and tape.) Vent over. Anyway, I was browsing Ebay, though it wasn’t my business to do it since technically payday isn’t until tomorrow. But, I just had to order some yarn. I found a great deal on 20 skeins of <a href=”Debbie Bliss Cathay in an inky bluish black color. Isn’t it yummy. And I bet it will make the cables look yummy. I cast on June 9th. Can’t wait.

Memorial Day weekend was pretty uneventful around here truth be told. We bbq’d three times over the weekend. Shawn and I tried getting tickets to see the new X Men. Didn’t happen. They were sold out on all the showtimes after 9 p.m. So I still got some yummy Cold Stone’s Creamery for desert. (Try the Founder’s Favorite, OMG!) Sunday, my son Jem had a baseball game. His team is known for being the best. They surely didn’t play their best missing 4 players this weekend. Our team lost their first game of the season, 12-0 (even though they don’t technically take score). The game was actually a forfeit on the other teams part, since they were missing too many players to play. (We missed 4 players, but still had 10 to play.) Here is my son throwing a ball he caught when he played Catcher. He loves it!

And the baby blanket. I’ve worked on it, not relentlessly though. I’ve been pretty tired with this pregnancy. But, I did get a panel and a half done. Only6 more to go for the given length in the book. I just may use up the rest of the Rowan 4ply and make the blanket longer. Or I might try to make some booties and a hat to match the blanket and eyelet dress. I haven’t decided if I am going to do the triangle edging. Might be too much work.

And Dalton. He has been whoring himself around the apartment building as usual. We live in a pretty large complex and I’ve had a few people here ask if he was my cat, because he likes to travel around. My neighbor, Paul, had a blank and white cat that everyone called Hitler because he had a little black moustache under his nose. (I called him Charlie Chaplin…it seemed more appropriate.) Anywhoo, Dalton and his cat became friends and Paul opened his home to Dalton. His cat has since then passed away, but Dalton keeps up with the joneses and makes sure to give Paul a daily visit (usually on their welcome mat, sometimes in the warm house). I’ll have to eventually get a picture of my Dalt Dalt awake, though that doesn’t happen too often. I swear he sleeps 23 hours a day! Which reminds me, I need a nap.


8 thoughts on “So

  1. I’ve had my eye on the sweater too – beautiful lines. And it will be gorgeous in Cathay! Daltan’s such a cutie!

  2. I love that sweater! The style is great. I can’t wait to see it knit up in the Cathay.

    Dalton is so cute. Our cat Caesar sleeps non-stop too – like the dead. He won’t wake up for any noise!

  3. great choice! i really liked that issue. i don’t know what the hell’s been going on with them lately, though. i’ve been less than impressed with the more recent issues. 😦
    airbrushing and tape…haha. if only life were so simple…

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