Summer Fashion

My Irish Hiking Scarf is knitting beautifully, and quickly. I have already added the second skein and it looks like this scarf will make a very thick and cozy staple for winter time. Here’s the scarf being modeled by Darby. (He’s the big puppy Shawn bought me for Easter.)
Here’s a view on the needles and folded. You can see how long it’s getting!
Another view, more close ups of the cables. I really love the 8 row repitions. Flows nicely. And the wool is very nice to work with for a heavier weight yarn (I’ve been using so much Cashmerino and Alpaca/Silk, that I forgot what DK weight feels like!)

I know I shouldn’t even begin to think of something new to knit. I have counted 6 WIP’s still on needles. I justify this by the fact that I ran out of yarn on two projects and don’t know how to do short rows very well on my cardigan. :/ Repeat after me: I am an enabler! I’ll admit it. This is from Interweave (by Robin Menalson…sp?). It’s a vintage looking corset pullover. Gorgeous eh? Can’t wait to pick my yarn and start! This will give me incentive to learn those damn short rows!


2 thoughts on “Summer Fashion

  1. Thank you for stopping by!

    Your Irish Hiking Scarf is lovely. The puppy view is the best 🙂

    I started out as a one-WIP-at-a-time person, but I like having lots of different things on the needles. Then I always have a project I “feel like” doing!

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