A Hearty Blanket

(I apologize for the crappy picture, but I have too many stitches on the needle and couldn’t really stretch.)

Yes. I know that I have a million other projects on needles (and on dining room tables, nightstands, in the closet, etc.) Well, not exactly a million, technically I have 5 projects on needles. (Two of which are nearly finished.) Anywhoo this isn’t about my addiction to yarn or affinity for working the pattern before I have cast on even one tiny stitch.

I’ve always figured that knitted items I’ve made, or anyone for that matter, had some type of story behind it. For example…I just knew that my son would look great in a raglan sleeved sweater in Debbie Bliss wool/cotton. It was small and challenging for my first sweater, yet perfect. Or the sweater I’m making for Shawn. Yeah he’s my bf. Yeah I know of the “sweater curse”. But I’m making it out of love, to keep him warm, and to prove the curse wrong.

But this blanket. Two weeks ago I took Shawn’s son to Michael’s. I figured we’d pick up some acrylic yarn, something cheap and soft and perfect for a teddy bear. Lil Shawn picked out white for the bear, and then red and baby blue for the scarf. I went back since then to get more baby blue because at this point, I knew I wouldn’t use 7 oz. for a little scarf. I assumed I’d use more of this blue.

I tried three patterns. Cast on. Do 5 rows. Start pattern. Frog. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t meant to do these three patterns. I put the blue away. But then lastnight! An epiphany! Try the red yarn. I don’t like red. It’s not a suitable color in my life. I don’t wear it often. I use it rarely for my fingernails. It’s just not woven it’s colorfulness into my life.

But then this pattern started working. (Which by the way, I had tried this same pattern a few years back when I was still a beginner. No luck. Period.) But now it’s working for me. I don’t have any little hands or toes that I will wrap this blanket around yet. I don’t have a specific person I will give to in their time of need. I don’t have a story for this blanket. Except that I am on row 48 after just a few hours of knitting, a little bit of mathematical frustration and two or three frogs. It’s going good to say the least. For now. Maybe that will be my story for this Red blanket with pretty hearts.

♥ ♥ ♥


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