Works In Progress

Here we are this past weekend. We had a lot of rain and a few sunny days the past week. This was Shawn and I on Saturday night, after we took the boys on a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Scarlett was in one picture, but I didn’t think that it made me look good, so I fudged it and added the one that made me look halfway decent. In all the pictures of Shawn and I, he’s always looking at me with adoring eyes. God I ♥ him!
I haven’t started it, but I am going to. This is from Zoe Mellor’s book, “Nursery Knits“. You remember, all those hoity toity intarsia patterns. Anyway, I’m not pregnant, but we are trying and this is something that I’d like for my baby. It’s a baby bunting, edged in orange. It was hideaway mittens and a little chickie on the bottom.

Here’s a close up of the lil chickie. Cute huh? The truth of the matter is I had a miscarriage a year ago, and then again at the end of January. Both pregnancies were unplanned. Shawn and I want a family of our own and when I saw this baby bunting it made me think of how much more I wanted a baby. So this will be the first item for baby. Wish me luck on the fertility phase.

I finished my Sirdar coat, but I will have to post a picture of me in it. (It simply doesn’t do it justice photographing it while it hangs on a hanger.) But I just ordered some Rowan Allure. Yummy yummy! I have three sweaters for myself I want to make, and I think this will be the first of three. This is from Vogue Knits magazine, Fall 2003 issue. I am digging the cables!

Shawn’s son, also Shawn, saw a pattern in a book that had a knit bunny, knit penguin and knit teddy bear. So last Saturday we went to Michael’s and bought three skeins of TLC yarn. It’s nice and soft and actually very nice to work with, even if it doesn’t compare to Rowan or Debbie Bliss. (Yes, I’m yarn prejudice, get over it! I like to work with the good stuff!) Anyway, Lil Shawn wants a white teddy bear with a blue and red scarf. Oh, and a little blanket so he doesn’t get cold. 😉 This teddy bear is another pattern in the “Nursery Knits” and I think it’s cute as heck! Only problem: All the shaping. Wait, one more prob. All the finishing!

Other Notes of Importance:

  • I successfully finished the Sirdar coat as I mentioned earlier. It is so cozy, especially when California is only getting 50 degree weather. It has been wonderful to wrap up in.
  • Shawn wants another sweater, though I am only 1/2 way finished with the cashmerino sweater I am making him. I ran out of yarn and lucky for me, someone on Ebay had the yarn…in the same dye lot! Now how often does that happen? Anyway, I’ll post the picture to his new sweater once I finish what I have on the needles. Oh and he wants another cap, this time gray with green shamrocks.
  • My son wants another blanket. I told him if he behaved he could pick out the yarn and I’ll make him another one.
  • Shawn’s coworker wants a pair of wool gloves. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that one!
  • I painted my kitchen a Scrapworks blue color from my scrapbook cardstock. It’s awesome.

I have come to the conclusion that I simply think too big. Too big.


One thought on “Works In Progress

  1. Can’t wait to see the photos!

    I’m so sorry about your loss but its good to see that you are still looking towards the future. Good luck!

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