Good Night, Moon

Like most knitters, I have more than one project going at a time. Let’s face it, you find a cute pattern or buy some yummy yarn and you just have to cast on, right? Well before the Knitting Olympics, and before Shawn’s Cashmerino Sweater there was the Moon and Stars baby blanket by Zoe Mellor.
I am always impressed by color knitting. It’s not easy, it’s time consuming, it’s frustrating, but it’s beautiful. I haven’t done too much color knitting. I confess, I’ve only done one other project which involved color knitting. It was a blue sweater with lime green stripes every 4, or 6, rows. (The details have leaked from my brain, and gladly so.) In the middle of the sweater was an orange and black tiger on a lime green background. I only did this because my son begged me. He promised he’d wear it. (He wore is Christmas morning…2 or 3 hours after I had finished the weaving in of the millions of stripey tails…)

And I’ll confess, gladly, that I am not much of a patient knitter. Let’s face it, I was born one month early and I am a Sagittarius. Patience is not a virtue in my personality. Period. But this baby blanket. Well when I bought the book, it was more or less for show. After all, who would I color knit for? Surely not any snotty nosed child that I knew. And nearly all the patterns in “Nursery Knits” are for babies. I will NOT knit a 15 color schemed poncho for a 3 month old baby! I just won’t do it. I suppose I bought the book as inspiration. It definitely inspired, and motivated me, to make the baby blanket.

I am only about 70 rows into the pattern, only 130 to go. At first I wasn’t going to do the border, since you have to knit the borders last, sew them on, then knit the top border. But then I’m not much of a crocheter. Now I am kicking myself in the ass because I can do a simple crochet. I could have single crocheted around the edges and saved myself the time, and sanity, of having to pick up stitches. Blah. The only other frustrating thing is the bobbins. I’m not much of a bobbin person. But it’s working. They really look like stars.

Now all I need is a fabric to do the backing, so nobody’s little fingers or toes get stuck in the back. Oh, and finish the piece. Of course, finish the project.


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