Not Sure If It Will Get Done

Progress. I am not sure if I made much considering the light for the Olympics will be going out in 6 days. I had hoped that I could finish the cardigan in the 16 days, but so far, I’m falling behind.

Finished: The Back (26″) and the Left Front, with pockets. Lastnight I realized that I knit the Front a little too long, (about 1 1/2″ too long), so I had to frog a few rows and then do the bind offs.

Current Pieces: I have the first 2 rows of rib ready for the Right Front. I realized though, Debbie Bliss (bless her heart, and those of the editors), has a typo in the book. The Left Front you cast on 71 sts. But the Right Front you cast on only 69 sts. You would think that 2 measly stitches would do nothing, but since this is a 2 x 2 rib, with a little extra on the edge for the seams, well it just doesn’t work out. I have the 69 sts. as said by the pattern and I will do what I can with it, but I think the typo has gotten the best of me and I am crossing everything I can and hope to God that it won’t make much of a diference when I get to the end and start finishing.

Still needed: The rest of the Right Front (with pocket), and 2 Sleeves. Once the finishing is done, then I can pick up along the neck edge and do the shawl collar.

I have yet to decide if I want to pick up stitches and make a belt.

I guess I should just feel damn lucky that when Shawn and I went to Michael’s, I was able to buy the last 3 skeins I needed to finish the sweater, that weren’t available the first time around.
Good luck to me!

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